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MLB 08: The Show


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Best Ballpark Experience Yet

posted by Gints08 (ROCHESTER, NY) Mar 5, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

17 out of 17 gamers (100%) found this review helpful


-- Hands down the best presentation of any baseball game made to this day (maybe sports game period).

-- Pitcher/Batter interface is excellent with superb controls on both ends.

-- Option to save your game in the middle of it is an excellent addition and way overdue.

-- Amount of in-game options is staggering for any game much less a sports game.

-- Graphics from player models to ballparks and everything in-between are second to none.

-- Amount of little details that add to realism are fantastic. For instance, you cant paint the same corner on every pitch and umps will make some questionable calls on borderline pitches both ways.


-- There are some glitches in the fielding. Most noticeably with balls hit to the outfield. For example a fielder may look as if he is going to make the catch 10 feet before the wall but the ball actually drops in front of the wall or hits it (screwed up my base running a few times).

-- There are times when you will want to release the ball(while fielding) a little sooner and said fielder will take his little time.

-- Also fielder switching at times can be frustrating and you end up missing the ball by a step more than you would like.

Overall however the pros so far outweigh the cons that those little fielding graphical glitches (that im sure will be fixed with an update anyway) dont detract you from wanting to play this game. I really wanted to give it a 10 but couldnt bring myself to do it considering the few problems it does have and this is coming from a casual baseball fan at best. Enjoy, its worth the time.

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Awesome baseball

posted by liquid731 (CULVER CITY, CA) Mar 8, 2008

Member since Aug 2004

14 out of 15 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

The Show is a great baseball simulator. It is the most accurate portrayal of the summer classic you can get. The game exceeds in intelligence from the announce team to the pitcher, catcher interface. The modes are many and the options are deep. The game is not the best looking sports sim out there, but it looks better than last year's version. As far as the actual game goes, this is baseball, no tricks or gimmicks. The AI is very intelligent especially during pitching. They toned down the HR ball for more small ball including more ease when base stealing. The animations aren't the best in the world as the players look like they catch the ball late but nothing that will hinder the game too much. All in all and good AB for the underdog.

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Very Good

Solid baseball game

posted by NH8842 (SAN CARLOS, CA) May 27, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I haven't played a baseball game in a few years so I'm a little out of touch but this was a good PS3 game. Excellent graphics, fielding is simple and controls are pretty easy to use. Plenty of options from just playing game to running an entire franchise from year to year. There is also a "road to the show" feature which lets you build a player and take him to the majors but I didn't play that part of the game so I can't really tell you much about it. Hitting takes a bit of practice to get down and is a bit frustrating at first but it makes the games more realistic. All the real players are in the game and they did a good job matching batting stances and such. I'm sure you could play this game for hours on end as each game takes almost an hour to play and there are tons of options. I only really touched the surface of game play but I would say this game has an extremely high replay capability (until of course 2009 comes out). Also online capable. Only negatives I can think of is the announcers get repetitive once you've played a few games, and it bothered me how players sometimes ran through other players like ghosts, you'd think the AI wouldn't let guys do that anymore. For instance, on a stolen base attempt my catcher throws the ball through the batters head like he wasn't even there. Anyway, if you like sports games give this one a rent

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