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MLB 07: The Show


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The Best

posted by kidpsycho (LIBERTY, TX) May 25, 2007

Member since May 2007

This is by far the best baseball game out there. The graphics are unbelievable, game play is similar to the other ones. Other than Road to the Show. This year if you create your own player, you will do everything with that player, including defense, you will be responsible for that one player's defense.

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Great Game, far better than competition

posted by majorgamor (BOISE, ID) May 25, 2007

Member since Mar 2003

This is one of the best baseball games to date. maybe not better than the first (late) major league baseball for xbox, or the first mvp baseball... i remember those being off the charts for me, but this is great.
the new road to the show is pretty difficult (i'm lazy and gave up) but it is spot on. couldn't be better.
the franchise mode is unbelievably awesome. i remember when madden came out a while back with their first adaptaion of an owner mode and i thought it was so cool, cause you chose ticket prices and a few other things. this is so in depth it gets to a point where it's just crazy. from negotiating advertising in your stadium to adding facilities to aid in rehabilitation. the only thing i found here that wasn't totally cool was that it actually gives you 5-6 choices of transportation starting with a bus and the team charter jet is far too expensive to afford for wuite a long while. we all know that this is completely rediculous given that every team flies from game to game on their own plane.
the gameplay is nearly flawless, and although the player models don't look as good as MLB in cut scenes their motion is more realistic and complete. also, who can resist a game that actually does have Dice-K and his gyro ball?
Go Redsox!

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I liked 2K7 much more.

posted by LogKenosha (KENOSHA, WI) May 23, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

This game is weak compaired to 2K7. The only thing that i liked in this game that was better than 2K7 was the pitching meter. The meter, "power bar" is the same way that you would kick the football in madden games. The game itself had controls that didnt make sence. You will get use to them, but 2K7 was more natural. The look of the game is a little dissapointing. It has a cartoon look to it instead of a realist look. And the load time is terrible.

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