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mlb 10 the show is a no show

posted by tommyshooter (AUSTIN, TX) Dec 26, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

I will list this in bullet points:
-What's with the gameplay?
-The career mode sucks, you can't even upgrade your "superstar"
-there has never been a good baseball game, there never will be

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WOW! Amazing game!

posted by chemical36 (WHITMAN, MA) Jun 21, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

All I can say about this game is that it is easily one of the best Baseball games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. I used to play MVP back in the day when MVP was around but this easily puts it to shame.

If there is a flaw, it is the X for swinging. That is the one thing that 2K has over this is the swing stick, which I believe to me a more realistic approach to swinging. But that is a VERY minor flaw and by no means a deal breaker.

RTTS is just brilliant. I created a pitcher and the depth of this mode is staggering. From your Goals to simulated games and knockout pitching, you can tune your pitcher to be truly customized to your style. The sliders are very consistent and intuitive although maybe just a TAD to demanding. I have applied several hundred points to my 4 Seam velocity and barely notice any juice. I notice it on movement and break for my Curve and Circle Change but the velocity never picks up. Yet my scouting reports keeps telling me I have a 95 - 100MPH 4 Seam, the gun never gets up over 89.

The interactions are great although I think you get penalized a little too much for voicing your opinion. I finally made the rotation and was pulled early for letting up 2 runs and and interaction came up saying ask your manager why he pulled you early. I did and was promptly benched for a week, taking out of the rotation and traded to Texas? that is pretty harsh.

All in all, the depth, the vastness of every little item being tuned to the color of your cleats is just simply jaw dropping baseball greatness!

I also got it for $7.80 from Gamefly! You cannot beat that if you tried.

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Above Average

be a pro problems

posted by noah1212 (YORK, ME) Mar 11, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

This game all around is ok. Its not amazing or spectacular to the average person. Those of you who hate baseball will hate this game, and if you love baseball, you will love this game.

That being said there are some major flaws in this game. The biggest one to me is that the game is very difficult to get better at. Specifically in the be a pro mode, or my player mode (forget what its called). If you have a bad dont get points, and if you have multiple bad games in a row, you still have no points. This is not a problem, as over time, if you made a good play here or there you would collect points. The problem is that your skills decrease if you dont spend points on them on a regular basis, and in combination with that, your coach has certain skills he wants you to train each week.

I found that between keeping my stats from decreasing, and pleasing my coach, I was left with almost no character customization left.....How am I supposed to create a guy that throws like tim wake field if the game REQUIRES that you update velocity to be successful...

Now you might say "just ignore your coaches goals and do what you want" ..... I did, and the result was that I went 19-2 and got rookie of the year, mvp, and cy young awards. My team made it to the playoffs. Apparently the cy young award winner isnt good enough to pitch in the world series, and my team lost 0-4 in the world series.

This is a huge flaw that must be worked out before the next game.

despite this flaw, the game is still very enjoyable, and the actual gameplay is not that bad, but the my player mode is so limited because of the points system that it really kills the excitement and the enjoyment I might have gotten from this game, which is why I think this is a solid 6.

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