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The Rare Gem From The FPS Crowd..

posted by toMsonsLLC (BERWYN, IL) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Jun 2009

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FPS games just have been getting more and more stale as time passed. Even MW2 played it safe to be a "hit" to the casual gamers. War games getting boring now to be honest. Wait, until..

MAG came along and changed everything. While the controls are a little awkward at first, might not have the best detail in the sprites, you get dominated in the early run, you couldn't be anymore confused and you might just HATE the game early on. But guess what?

MAG delivers on many other aspects. While the controls are a little strange at first, it only takes a little bit to get used to them, and it becomes very easy. The setup is actually very basic and simple. While the graphical details aren't the best, they are by no means sub-par. They are amazing for this scale, it really is. And yes, you will be dominated in the start, it's how it goes. But in a day, maybe two or three you will get the hang of it and will be running around with your team killing more bad guys than you can count. You will get "in to" your accessories and healing/helping people will actually become fun.

This game does a fantastic job of giving you a feel that it's not all about running and gunning, which you still can do and that's fun too.. Don't get me wrong here, but there is a lot more to do. You can play in a 64 player levels, 128 player mini-wars, or 256 player bloodbath. You might be thinking that the only reason to play it is to play with 256 people but you couldn't be any more wrong. The other modes are designed very well. My favorite is Sabotage, which is the smallest of the modes.

Be warned that this is a game you want to give time, a few days or a week before you judge it. You need to get used to the play style, it's not MW2. Also you need to get familiar with the maps and the controls and you will be rocking. Trust me! I hated this game at first, and now I can't put it down. It's a very good game. And they still are tweaking it and adding things!

Score: 9.1/10 (This game isn't MW2, it's MAG)

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posted by thetruth1 (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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if u like being respawn killed everytime u start then this is a great game 4 u. if u played call of duty then u know how the knifes work well on MAG u knife the same way but theres one problem the knifes dont really kill they just hurt and get u killed.

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Will Redefine FPS, a new standard has been set!

posted by TornPr1nc3 (BLAIRSTOWN, NJ) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Oct 2006

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I had the opportunity to Beta test this game like many others out there and was impressed by it, so I knew that buying it was a must. The main competition will be Modern Warfare 2, but in my eyes, there IS NO competition. The two games may be from the same genre, but are two completely different experiences.

The amount of depth to the game does not become apparent in the first few "levels" of your character's progression. Like MW 2, MAG uses a leveling system in the vein of many RPG's out there. There is also an MMO aspect of the game because of the number of players you will be playing with AND against.

Each squad of 8 should act like a tight knit unit, keeping one another alive while defending a location or pushing forward further into enemy territory to complete an objective.

While MW2 is extremely arcade in nature and is more of a run and gun experience where completing objectives can only be done in certain missions and even then, it feels too short and gets old in a hurry. MAG does have a Deathmatch mode, but it is mainly to hone your skills towards playing the bigger modes. There are so many ways to earn experience points and you almost always feel like you are accomplishing something. If you are victorious, the feeling is always one of comraderie where everyone really did their job. On the other hand, should you fail, you will want to try and do it again to get it right.

Cheap kills in MW2 also make for an unpleasant Multi-player experience. In MAG, I have not once gotten the feeling that my death was cheap. It has always been either a bad mistake on my part or just that I simply got outgunned by the better player.

Meeting up with friends and keeping a clan organized is as impressive a WORKING SYSTEM as Killzone 2's (Both PS3 exclusives). I have felt that MW2's system was mainly designed for the 360 or PC.

Most importantly, the game feels like a REAL WAR in ways no other FPS has achieved. Kudos to Zipper for a winner!!!

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