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MAG hit the spot

posted by Turtlepig (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Feb 24, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

MAG has become one of my favorite games of all time. In the last review posted, at least it was the last one posted before I started writing this, the reviewer complained about too many frag grenades and poeple booting him from one of his first games. First off you only get two frag grenades and yes, it is common when opposing teams meet up at an objective when a game begins to start lobbing them aimlessly in hopes of a lucky kill (as every kill gets you experience which goes towards upgrading your character) but you don't have to go booking it into the middle of that. If you just stand back for about 5 seconds everyone is out of grenades. Plus there's a grenade indicator so you can move away if one lands by you. These don't ruin the game at all, they make it fun, giving you more stragetic options. Another complaint was that you have to push the same button to switch through 2 or three things, (like grenades, smoke bombs, med kit, rocket launchers, repair kit) you can usually only carry two or three of these items in your loadout and it actually works great. If your loadout has a med kit, then grenades, then a rocket launcher, then it's super easy and quick to get to them. For example if you want your grenades just quickly tap L2 twice, which takes like half a second and there in your hands. This works great for quick access to all of your equipment.
As far as booting people in your squad goes, it is a very nice feature. Sometimes you get a guy in your squad who starts team killing for fun or whatever and the squad can vote him out. So it is nice to have that option.
I'll admit it took me a couple rounds to get into MAG but once you figure out what's going on and start to develop your own strategies and upgrade your character it becomes one of the best online gaming experiences available. I'm a huge fan. I don't buy games very often, I usually rent them, but I happily paid full retail for this one.

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Pretty Good

posted by TheKLowN (COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, MI) Feb 23, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

I am just going to give some straight forward facts about the game... but before i do so i want to mention that I am a huge call of duty fan so i do make some comparisons between the two...

- Huge online multiplayer maps that look decent and and well structured.
-Decent graphics but they are toned down in order to have less lag in-game.
- Fun to spend points every time you level up and customize your weapons.
- Load-outs have multiple items that you can apply
- world leaderboard statistics that shows which military force is leading in specific gametypes.
- Weapons are fairly satisfying to use.

-Bad game mechanics/physics (compared to call of duty), the guys arm and gun remain COMPLETELY still when spinning around at high sensitivity and when you go to turn or look your head starts off moving slow and then speeds up and makes aiming quite difficult since there is little to no lock on when sighting-in on a target.
-One profile for every Playstation Profile (you have to choose one military and stick to it forever).
-Story is not even worth paying attention to.
-Your team will almost always loose unless you have good squad cooperation (means ppl with mics!)
- Game does a horribly poor job explaining how to play gametypes and complete objectives.

++Overall a decent game and is fun for an alternative to CoD once in awhile, don't expect next gen graphics and it takes time to get used to the game.

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Very Good

Solid, but not for everyone

posted by Echo307 (CEDAR RAPIDS, IA) Feb 23, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Graphics: Nothing that's going to blow you away or set a new bench mark, but they are passable. Slow loading textures and a bland color pallet are very noticeable, but not game-breakers by any stretch. Framerate stays at a very steady 30fps and higher and all times. Even when there are 40-50 people on your screen at once, it still runs like a champ. Screen tearing is occasionally noticeable, but it's not bad overall.

Gameplay: Kind of like the graphics, the gameplay is generic but passable. It does nothing new that hasn't been done 100 times before in shooters, but it still does everything pretty well. There are no glaring gameplay holes or major flaws in the design of the mechanics, but there's absolutley nothing new or innovative here.

Sound: In a word: bland. Gunfire and explosions hold no echo effect or reverb, and much like everything else in this game, they're very generic. Grenade noises are particulalry dull, with only a loud "pop" occuring upon explosion, instead of the regular ground shaking boom you get from most other games.

Fun Factor: Here's where MAG really shines, but also sometimes falls short. In order for MAG to really work, people have to be working as a team. Everyone needs to know what they're supposed to be doing, and do it. Mics are very strongly recommended, but not entirely necessary, especially if your squad/platoon leaders have them. When everything is working as it should personel-wise, the game is an absolute blast... but if you get in a room with people that want to go lone-wolf, it can really be the pits. Winning usually requires a unified team.

Bottom Line: When playing with friends or others that know the game well, it's some of the most fun I've EVER had playing a multiplayer game, but it's those games you get in when people are acting dumb that really bring it down. If you have friends on-line that play this, I'd definitley recommend. If not, you may want to pass.

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