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Very Good

good game

posted by FTHEGOAT59 (PORT REPUBLIC, VA) Jul 9, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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This game is fun. It steps away from games like call of duty and tries to be different. Why not a 10? It has some pros and some cons. Not trying to spoil too much for you I'll list them.

huge maps
fun game modes
have to be a team player
good sniping posts
awesome sound effects and audio

slow and confusing at the beginning
bad guns at the begining
not much character customization
have to by weapons
graphics aren't bad but could be better
everytime you die you have to run across the battlefield to get in to the action

Overall a good game. For ps3 users it at least deserves a rent.

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u amost need more people

posted by giga_money (NEWNAN, GA) Jun 28, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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mag wat a great idea, 256 people in one super massive sided fired, untill u die for the 32nd time.

when you first start mag you have to pick a team, so you pick on of 3 chosies and go from there, after that you look a the very odd menu nothing like cod of battlefield. if you want to play you go to deploy even on training, you buy wepons in suppydepot, and community for clan and friends, wen you go to deploy the first thing is trainig, always do traing always.

each teams training is diffent from the rest, valor is more towards enginer, raven is more toward vehicles, and sver is more killing.

the games you play are suppression (team death mach,not an addon), sabotage (not an addon ,destory the objectives to get to a 3rd objective to destroy), the an addon game were 32 players from the 3 teams capture baces (forgot the name of the game), then the 4th game (not and addon) 64 playes form each team eather try to steal or protect 2 vehicles from the other. the firth game (addon game) 32 players from 2 teams capture ojectives.

the last game domination 128 players form 2 teams (128+128=256) try definding or attacking the oil reserve pumbs, with elements form the games before try 4 platoons defind one side (or attack) of the field, and each side is different. the first thing to deffend (attack) is the burnout towers. if those go then you head for the cooling towers, if those go then the pump station are next. the deffinders are always trying to let the time run out and the attackes are trying to get the objectives with in time.

the controles are set wied, and to get better you have to be better. u know th perks in cod game, in this game there are 160 slots to better your play, 1 point for level up but there are only 70 levels, so you should only better your streghts.

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Very Good

mag i love

posted by chase63586435 (BRADENTON, FL) Jul 18, 2011

Member since May 2011

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i love mag i love how u can choose through 3 teams and u can have all teames i think it is in my top 10 of games maybe like the 3 one that is all i have to say thank u for having mag on here thank u thank u thank u

chase vanhouten
7-18-2011 10:43

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