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Best game of the year!

posted by MistandFog (BETHANY, OK) Nov 4, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

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This game is sick! I love it! As soon as i got it, i bought this game. You must have an internet connection to play. Your goal is to dominate war with three factions: S.V.E.R, Raven, and Valor. To the descriptions of each team. S.V.E.R is Russia, and have weapons such as RTK-47's, AK-47U's, and AK's. Raven is Germany, and other provinces near there. And then there's Valor. Valor is the U.S and Mexico. They have all the weapons made in the U.S.

Now onto the game modes.
Suppression- Where 32 members of 3 different PMC factions fight to gain control of the battlefield. ( Basically, it's War Games.)
Sabotage- Blowing other PMC's Supply points up, or defending your own.
Acquisition- Taking or defending vehicles .
Interdiction- two convoys and 126 players vie for control of the battlefield. (Only available on PlayStation Store!)
Domination- Players must secure and hold eight targets. ( Level Eight or higher to play)
Escalation- Three factions are pitted against each other in a battle for control. (Only available on PlayStation Store!)

I am a S.V.E.R member,, I am Field Support, and a medic. I am a S.V.E.R WARRIOR!

To all my comrades, I am XxDidyourmomXx, so add me!

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This game is intense.

posted by hecksyes (FERGUS FALLS, MN) Feb 6, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

67 out of 77 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

First off, I would like to get this clear. If you have no intention of being a helpful teammate do not get this game. It's evident by some of the reviews on here that some are trying to run and gun in this game. It doesn't work that way.
Secondly, the spawn killing remarks are unwarranted and laughable at the same time. Granted, if your not bright enough to realize that running the exact same path every time you spawn is getting you killed then this game is not for you.

MAG is a fps that finally gets it. If I wanted to run around doing mindless killing I would just get halo 3. MAG has raised the bar for fps on a console imo and is super hard to put down.

One thing that I would advise is to play to level 10 and get some domination games in before forming an opinion on the game because that's where the fun really starts.

I look at the the beginning of the experience to be a bit slow and confusing to most. Once you get it though there is no turning You will be hooked. If I had to pick one fps to keep this would be the one.

This game comes from the fine folks that brought you the SOCOM series (minus confrontation) so those of you that know them know they support their games and that DLC content will happen and patches will be a regular thing as they continue to tweak this game to perfection.

I'm going to state one more time that everyone that rents this should get to level 10 and play domination before fully judging this title.

Also, here is a protip- Level up your medic all the way right away. It will give you xp like mad. Enjoy.

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Very Good

Too bad, so sad

posted by joboo65 (SWEET HOME, OR) Sep 13, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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1. Why do you give a game a bad review just because you get your butt kicked?

2. Why do you give a game a bad review if you're too stupid to know you need the internet to play online?

This game is pretty awesome, although you do need to know what is going on tactically or you will just be fodder for those who do know what's going on.

You will have to play for a while, and yes, you will die a lot at first, but then you'll start to learn what your objectives are and how to work as a team to accomplish them.

This game is best when you clan up with friends or like minded players.

Oh, and you really should have a mic so you can communicate.

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