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posted by Lowell (PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC) Feb 18, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

The more I play this game, the more I like it. The gameplay is good, about an 8.2, I also like the upgrades you can get. Be warned though, this game could have been a lot better in the graphics department and it requires a lot of team coordination.

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The best online experience available for PS3

posted by BOWSKI (BURLINGTON, IA) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

MAG is the funnest online experience any PS3 owner could have. I gave it a 9 because is does have it's flaws. One small gripe I have is the graphics. MAG's graphics are not terrible, but they do not compare to those of Modern Warfare 2. That may be the only thing that Modern Warfare does better than MAG though. The domination mode in MAG boasts an extremely impressive 256 players in one match. Thats 128 players on each team fighting for control points. It's chaotic, fast paced, and if you find a team that can coordinate properly it equals a super fun time. I recommend MAG to anybody that is a PS3 owner, and loves FPS'.

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MAG massive action game is an understatement

posted by halghastia (KINGSVILLE, MO) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Aug 2009

I hate people that write a game off it it is not call of duty, or it isn't rated M. They disgust me. I hope this reveiw will make them think twice about hating MAG.

I myself was surprised by the Teen rating, but, adding pointless things like gore would simply take away from the experience. While not excelling at graphics, it is not totally unexpected. 256 players, who needs amazing graphics anyway?

What truly got me hooked on MAG was one word. VARIETY. After a while i got sick of CoD because i only had the option of killing people. In MAG, you can heal your fallen comrades, or fix up vehicles or bunkers or motor pools, or doors, or AAA guns, or... you get the point. I myself like being a medic. Now don't think repairing or healing won't get you points. Reviving one downed ally gives experience equal to TWO kills. repairing does the same, but takes much longer.

one of the few downsides was, the maps. They are excellent, but there are simply too few. When you get to the point where you unlock Domination, there are lots of different areas your squad can go and get objectives, though. Maybe Zipper will put some DLC for new maps... They better...

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