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Team Work Team Work Team Work!

posted by UserReview (MENLO PARK, CA) Jul 28, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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Mag is a very intense and fast paced completely online game. It has everything a FPS fan would want. Large maps, Vehicles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers. What more could you want?

You start off by picking an army. And choose wisely you don't get to change sides once you've started. You level up (which can be pretty slow at first, and you might get a bit frustrated. Till you get the better equipment) get new equipment, allowed to join bigger battles, get a few perks and you even get to customize your character. This game is the first I've seen that makes you feel like you are a part of a real army, not just a game where you run around and shoot at anything that moves.

Though being part of a team can have its downsides too. If your team mates think that this game is just about killing as many people as they can you will most likely loose every time. There is more to do then just shooting people. You can get a very good amount of points just from healing injured teammates and capturing points of interest not having to killing a single person the whole time. You have to defend and attack in large numbers. If your squad sticks together and rush the enemy you wont have a problem unless the enemy does the same thing.

The game is fun, and if your teams sucks stick back and be a sniper or heal injured people that run past you. You cant do much if you are the one person who wants to be tactical in a team of over 100.

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A pretty big step

posted by aeygamer2 (CANFIELD, OH) Jan 30, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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reading all of those people that gave this game a 1, all i could say is that they are just complaining im not saying this game is the greatest but its something new and its fun. what kind of graphics would you expect from a map that has to support 256 players and they still arent that bad. it does take a lot of lead to put people down but the gameplay is really fun especially if your playing with people that have mics.

overall a good game thats worth a chance that lasts longer than a day

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Over A Year

posted by a1b2c3 (PARAGOULD, AR) Dec 11, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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Its been over a year since MAG has been released and I still recomend and play this game, the graphics are not the best but all things taken into account This game is great. I also as every one else love COD, MW2, & BlkOps. But your not going to survive if your the old run n gun type, Rambo does not exist in the MAG universe and for that reason alot of people will talk trash about this game. Give it a try (have patience) work as a team.

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