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One of the greatest JRPG's of all time come back!!

posted by Chikage (COVINA, CA) Mar 19, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I've always been a Lunar fan when my brother bought me Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for the PSX. When I played that game, I couldn't stop playing it because of its romance-heavy, comic-relief, action-packed story line. I gave this game a 10 because it is just like the PSX version.....but better and more beautiful too.

It's LUNAR!!!!
Battle system is just as good as the PSX version.
A simple game that anyone can enjoy.
Character voices are updated with current voice actors and sound better too. Yay for no chipmunk Nall voice!!
Added many new elements to the game like playing Dyne and his companions and new, but small, extras that everyone can enjoy finding.

The battle AI for the characters are a little stupid on picking your magic or attack, and sometimes never pick what you wanted in the first place.
I hate the fact that every time you go into a new map, even in a dungeon or town, the music stops until the next map reloads.
Seems a little too easy for veteran players of the game.

Other than that, I love this game, and I soooo can't wait for them to make Lunar 2: Eternal Blue for the PSP!!

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A new addition worthy of the name Lunar.

posted by Bluestar (WICHITA, KS) Jun 3, 2010

Member since Jul 2009

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I played the PSX remake, I loved it, was possibly the best RPG I ever played at the time. Sure the graphics were very dated, but it was wonderful none the less.

When I heard it was coming to the PSP with a system overhaul, I knew I wanted to buy it. And this revision does not disappoint. And even has new additions, that are very interesting.

Keeps the feel of the PSx version intact, while enhancing the visual appeal, very well done.
Very good soundtrack, keeps to the original.
Controls are clean and easy to pick up.
Classic RPG gameplay and mechanics.
Nice Bromides if you buy the collectors edition for 10$ more.
Additional prologue and epilogue elements added for this release.

Maybe a little too easy, compared to the PSx remake. Could be a pro if you had trouble with the previous version.
A lot loading, and music stops.
Intro and Luna's songs had changed Lyrics for the new voice actor. Which aren't as good as the PSx's imo.

Voice actors don't feel as good as the PSx remake, but that's just because I'm used to them heh.
Automatic AI is rather dumb, but does a good enough job.

I gave it a 10/10 though because overall, it's done just as good as the remake I played on the PSx, the cons aren't significant enough to impact play and enjoyment, it's mostly from series veterans.

I'd highly suggest it if you love a good RPG with a touching Love story, strong character's and development, and Old School RPG mechanics.

I'm hoping they remake Lunar 2: Eternal Blue for the PSP as well.

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posted by loto128 (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) Aug 16, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Fun characters, good old school rpg storyline, easy battle system, anime cutscenes, and a pretty good music score. My only real issue with the game was the load times between small zones. Recommended!

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