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Lunar Legend

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Secret gallery pictures

There are three secret pictures you can unlock and view in the gallery.

Secret gallery picture 1

Go to Althena's Shrine after you get Kyle. Talk to the woman on the right. It is a picture of Jessica.

Secret gallery picture 2

After you lose Nash and get the engine for the ship, go to Iluk and talk to the man in the top right house. It is a picture of Mai.

Secret gallery picture 3

The last picture is unlocked after killing the final Boss. Go to Ramus' shop and talk to him. It is a picture of Luna.

How to easily restore HP and MP

When walking around, save your game, and turn off your Game Boy Advance. After loading your saved game and all of your character's HP and MP will be restored.

Getting the Master Book

Before selling the Dragon Diamond to Dross at the jewelry shop, keep declining his offer of 20,000 silver. He will eventually call you stubborn and give you a Master Book before he runs off with the diamond.

Rare Dragon Cards

Once you return to Saith with Ghaleon in your party, talk to a man in town who will tell you about an old hag in the forest who collects cards. Visit her. Then, after Ghaleon captures Quark, go to her and she will give you the Quark Card. For every dragon you meet after that, visit her to get their Card.

Protector Cave

After Alex becomes a Dragonmaster, talk to the man behind the counter in Reza at the main building. He will talk about a cave nearby with a lot of treasure. Go there to get the fabled Angel Sword, as well as a lot of other items.