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words cant explain how horrible this game is

posted by natlei (NEW BETHLEHEM, PA) Dec 23, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

Dont get me wrong I love lunar silverstar story alot and I love the RPG genre but this has to be the worst RPG ive ever played in my life I got it in the mail today and am sending it back in the morning 1 hour is all it took me to realize how horrible it was so play it and see for yourself.

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posted by BEAUX25 (TAYLOR, MI) Jul 7, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

It takes away HP to run around the map. That is the worst thing a developer could do to you! This game is not good. Cool cover art though!

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Dragon Song, A Song Better Left Unsung...

posted by trashman (FAIRBORN, OH) Mar 28, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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To start off let me just say that I love the Lunar series. Working Designs did a great job with the series and even when Ubisoft took over on the Gameboy Advance and recreated the first Lunar game, it wasn't half bad. So when I hear of Lunar Dragon Song, I was pretty excited. Honestly, what could go wrong with a Nintendo DS Lunar game. How about everything?
Graphics 3/5
Let's start with the graphics. This is probably the best part of the game because they really aren't that bad. Pretty colors and decent character designs. The backgrounds on the battlefields are a little plain, but is decent enough to get by.
Sound 3/5
One of the things that caught my attention to the Lunar games was the soundtrack. Magical melodies that entranced me in the gameplay. The tunes in this game are fairly decent but nothing to write home about. There was a few times I found myself humming the tunes but few and between.
Gameplay 2/5
There are lots of little problems that add up, making this a terrible game. What happened is the creators had decent ideas but was poorly executed. One such example is you actually are a package delivery worker, transporting goods you pick up or receive for money, This becomes monotonous real quick when you find out that you can't earn both EXP and items at the same time. You actually have to pick whether when you battle you get EXP or items. A real drag when it comes to progressing gameplay, because you need money to buy better weapons and equipment to survive the onslaught of monsters throughout the story. Another big gripe is running around. Just dashing through town, you lose hit points. Luckily there are the Althena statues that heal you but they are spread out thin. The battles are a little slower than I would like, totally different than those on the PSX.
Fun Factor 2/5
After discovering many of the flaws, I still gave it a chance because it is a Lunar game. It's not the worst game but far from the best.

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