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if you Like Final fantasy tactics this is 4 u

posted by desktop (FORT WAYNE, IN) Aug 26, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

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Its a fun game to play BUT before going in few things to know

1. this game is a major grindfest (at least for me)

2. you have to keep all your people leving up or you will never win. All monsters on the map are around same level. right now im on map 14 out of 25. All monsters are Level 30. My people are level 19 - 31 and cant beat the map cause all of my people are way too underpowered. meaning im going to have to spend major time leveling up just to beat the game

all the creatures are the same level. Meaning if the boss is level 50 your going to have all the creatures the same level making this game hard.

people on other sites say this game is very short (15 to 20 hours) BUT I dont see how they are beating this game that fast. Im 14 hours into it and on map 14/25 and now i got to go back and major level up (probally another 3 to 6 hours) and then who knows how hard the other maps will be

if your looking for a major challenge you will want to check this out

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Very Good

Atlus at it again!

posted by JesseJames (CHICAGO, IL) Oct 2, 2007

Member since Sep 2007

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This is a another fun strategy RPG from Atlus. The dialog is fun, interesting, and often-times mature, but it doesn't happen so often that you become bored. The fights are frequent, and the action is well done.

The standard fare of SRPG character classes are here, fighter types and magic users, et al. My biggest complaint of the game comes from the character classes though, as you cannot customize your characters at all. They simply progress down their pre-programmed path gaining new abilities in their class as they gain levels, so customizing your party to your liking is limited to the characters that are with you at that point in the story.

My second complaint is that there is a grinding curve required, which is almost to be expected in an SRPG. The problem is that you have to go to old battles to grind, but old battles do not offer nearly the experience the second time around, making the grind that much longer.

However, the leveling system is a nice touch. Each level is only 100 xp, and when your characters gain upwards of 70 xp per turn depending on their attack or spell, it's fast and furious. Your characters also regain all health and mana when they level, allowing you to be a bit more offensive and focus less on healing that most games in this genre.

Overall, great experience, a must for SRPG/Atlus/NIS fans!

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im rather fond of this awsome game.

posted by Wookie345 (LEES SUMMIT, MO) Aug 29, 2007

Member since Mar 2005

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you play as the garden childern, yada yada yada, you have to fight the witches, you get alot of characters, bla bla bla, Yoda is rapping in backround (just kiddin, he isn't related to this, i just wanted to say that.)
there are little plant men named Kopins in this game, when fighting witches, usually these little guys are with them and have different magic and attacks according to the witches' element.
rather fun, please try this game.

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