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Luigi's Mansion

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Blue Ghost locations 9

Billiards room under far right table

Blue Ghost locations 10

Cellar in boxes at left of door

Blue Ghost locations 11

Sealed room in chest at far right

Blue Ghost locations 3

Breaker room under table at left

Blue Ghost locations 4

Storage room in chair at right

Blue Ghost locations 5

Dining room in closet at left

Blue Ghost locations 6

Kitchen in oven at left

Blue Ghost locations 7

Recreation room in machine at bottom right

Blue Ghost locations 8

Nana's room under far right chair

Gold mice location Madame Clairvoya

Main Hall on second Floor

Gold mice location Dining Room


Gold mice location Tea Room

Tea Room

Gold mice location Safari Room

Sealed Room

Blue Ghost locations 1

Wardrobe room in chest on right

Blue Ghost locations 2

Study in chair behind desk

Big heart location First floor graveyard

When you interact with the leftmost gravestone as well as others, you will collect a big heart.

Big heart location Second floor nursery

The design of the heart-shaped dresser is a clue. Open the drawer to find a 50-point heart.

Big heart location Third floor safari room

Your first destination on the third floor is a difficult room. Its big heart is in a chest on a corner table.

Big heart location Basement cellar

The shelves in the center of the cellar hold a big heart. Pull it out with your vacuum.

Gold mice location With Cheese


Gold mice location The Study

Main Hall on first floor

Unlock the Tent

To unlock the tent, complete the game with less than 5,000,000g. A hint to doing so is to collect nothing but king boo's crown.

Mario item location Mario's cap

Laundry Room

Mario item location Mario's Letter


Mario item location Mario's Glove

Projection Room

Mario item location Mario's Shoe

The Twins' Room

Mario item location Mario's Star


Hidden mansion

Finish the game and save. Go to the lab. Professor E. Gadds will ask where you want to go. Select the hidden mansion to play the game again with various differences. You can get a different sized house at the end of the game, depending on your rank.

Gallery mode

After finishing the game you will unlock everything in the gallery.

A rank

To obtain an "A" rank, get all the gold mice, catch all the blue ghosts, get both gold diamonds, and collect as much money as possible. You need $100,000,000 to get an "A".

Change vacuum power

There are three different medals you can collect to change the powers of the Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner. They are the Fire, Ice, and Water medals. When you collect the Fire Medal, you can suck up ghosts that have a ring of fire around the health hearts. Also, you can press L to spray fire from your vacuum to light candles and hit ghosts with a ice health meter. When you collect the Water Medal, you can extinguish flames that are too powerful for your vacuum to put out. Also, you can press L to spray water.