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Luigi's Mansion

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

In-game reset:

Enter code while playing the game.

  • Press and hold B + X press Start
    In-game reset
Move map:

Press A on the map screen to zoom in. Then, use the C-stick to scroll around the floor that you are on.

  • A , C-Stick
    Move map
Throwing Element balls:

First, get an Element. Start to shoot the Element, and when you see the Element to start to flow out of your Poltergust 3000, press L again. An Element ball should shoot out of it. To see an Element ball approach you, go to the first floor corridor where the door on the left is the Dining Room and the door on the right is the Ballroom. Have Luigi face you and fire an Element ball. This works with all three balls.

  • L
    Throwing Element balls
Warp mirrors:

Any mirror in the mansion (except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts) can be used to warp back to the entrance hall. Set the Game Boy Horror to first person mode and press A to examine the mirror. This allows you to save the game conveniently. In the first room of the mansion there is a mirror under a cloth. Vacuum the cloth off, then go into first person mode with the Game Boy Horror. Search the mirror and the screen will go blue. Nothing really happens, yet the world twists upside down.

  • A
    Warp mirrors
Warp from the well to the main entrance:

Go to the well where you can see Mario In the picture. Look directly ahead with your Gameboy Horror, and press the A button. You will be teleported to the main entrance (the mansion door).

  • A
    Warp from the well to the main entrance
Mario calls:

When you press A, Luigi will call "Mario!". The more damage Luigi has taken, the more desperate his call for Mario will be.

  • A
    Mario calls