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Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring


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Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring

posted by travelboy1 (BRANDAMORE, PA) Jun 27, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

I beat the main story line

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a pretty fun alternative to SDvsRAW

posted by burning_inside (NEWHALL, CA) Jan 14, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

i just think it's cool they even made a lucha libre game. i'm white, but living in L.A. all my life, i'm well steeped in the culture. i liked that they included spanish commentary, it made it feel more like an authentic broadcast. awesome that vampiro was included, too bad they didnt give him a alternate old school skin with dreads and facepaint. i like the weird characters these mexican promotions come up with, like electroshock. it may be lacking in graphics and customization, but to me it's a fun alternative to wwe, aka the walmart of wrestling promotions. its better than that trash TNA game, we can all admit that i think. anyways if you are a wrestlemaniac like me i say rent it.

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Above Average

Not a bad first endeavor...

posted by ZMannZilla (SEATTLE, WA) Dec 17, 2011

Member since May 2011

Quick plug: if you haven't seen AAA wrestling, you should. Check your Spanish speaking networks for AAA, it really is fun. The costumes are great, and it's always worth a giggle when TNA guys like Jeff Jarrett show up.

Once you've seen it, you'll know what's missing from this game - fast-paced trios action. For some reason, they set an in-ring cap on 4 wrestlers, so the famous three-on-three format you'll see in at least half of their matches does not exist in the game. Pretty much everything that makes lucha libre different from American pro wrestling is hard to find in this game, with the exception of a 20-count outside of the ring - in lots of ways, the game feels like an early rough draft of Smackdown Vs RAW.

Gameplay itself is so-so. I like how the triggers are used to modify the strike buttons into various grapples, but I'm not a big fan of what a pain in the neck it is to climb a turnbuckle or bounce off the ropes (they went with the 6-sided ring, which AAA actually stopped using IRL). There's also an RTE-style system for countering pins and submissions that's ambitious, but falls flat in execution. Definitely puts a bigger premium on skill, for better or worse.

The character creation tools are good. There's lots of little features that really make this neat, such as the mask-making tool and the retention of color schemes when your character changes outfits. Making custom signs is easy. I really hope other wrestling games take notes on this one. Conversely, AAA really needs an auto-setting/copy option for moveset creation.

And a HUGE mark against the game: you have to unlock about 80% of the roster, so unless all your favorite AAA stars are midcarders, you will be disappointed that you can't play as your favorite luchador. I am very curious to know how you can have a AAA game that doesn't let you play as Cibernetico right off the bat.

All in all, it's fun, worth the rent, and I'll definitely give the next installment a try (if there

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