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GF Rating

Very Good

Wonderful atmospheric 2D platformer

posted by yourdog23 (DENVER, CO) May 21, 2012

Member since Jan 2010

What would happen if you took the atmosphere of Ico, and mixed it with the puzzle aspects of Limbo? You'd probably come up with a game very similar to Lost in Shadow. If you liked both of the games I mentioned, I don't think you can go wrong with this title.

The developers made a hug mistake by making this a disc based game for the Wii. For a Wii title, I just don't see this getting any commercial recognition. If it were instead a downloadable title on XBLA and/or PSN, it'd definitely hit it's mark. The Wii casual crowd won't know what to make of this, and it's not a typical hardcore offering. Instead, the hardcore fans who want a puzzle game that we can play like a casual game, yet still exercise our minds will love this.

I loved how all the levels seemed to stay fresh. The times when I thought they were getting stale was more a reflection on how tired I was getting. Taking a break from playing relieved the sense of staleness.

I'll agree with a few folks' complaints about the game seeming to not know when to quit, but for me that point was less than an hour from the end. For a game that took me just under 16 hours to play, I don't think that's too bad (especially when some of my favorite Nintendo games are truly guilty of being twice or thrice as long as they should.

The reason why I gave the rating of only an 8 is that I couldn't stand the fighting mechanics of the game. I found them to be truly annoying, even though they were manageable. But the magic here was in the atmosphere and the engaging 2D platforming.

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GF Rating

Very Good

lost in shadow

posted by seige (SNOHOMISH, WA) Mar 10, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

The game is awsome! In the game you get to be a shadow climbing up this huge tower in order to find his body. But after awhile it gets a little boring, and you will need to stop playing for a little while. But I still think it's cool and I think you should try it.

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GF Rating


Better than Expected

posted by giger4life (CLEBURNE, TX) Oct 21, 2011

Member since Jul 2007

This game is like a mash up of Limbo, the shadow stages of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a little Peter Pan and some elements of Paper Mario. Even though this game is clearly influenced by these other games and stories, it does a brilliant job of incorporating their elements without blatantly out right doing the exact same thing, like some games "cough" Darksiders "cough". As a result this game stands out as its own unique 2D puzzle platformer. There are some very interesting ways in which you must manipulate the shadows to advance up the tower. The only let down is when you reach the top of the tower. I won't go into details but this gameplay decision really upset me. All and all, this is an eccentric Wii title with a lot to offer.

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