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Lost in Excessive Content

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 11, 2011

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Lost in Shadow - the game that just doesn’t know when to say when.
This game starts off with a boy’s shadow being ripped from his body and tossed off the top of a tall tower, lands far away and gets up. It is up to you - and a shadow pixie named Spangle - to reunite his shadow with his body.
Easier said than done. You start off by going through about forty puzzle levels where you have to manipulate objects, light sources, find certain tokens, fight off bad shadows, and have to make many jumps and climbs.
But the high point of this game is the ingenious use of the shadows and how slight changes in the position of the light or an object can make a huge difference in how those shadows are laid out. What seems like a dead end can easily be turned into the path of escape. I really enjoyed going through these levels and finding out the solutions to the puzzles - but then the game just kept going.
After the forty or so levels in the main tower, you have to go back through those levels to get some items to the top floor, then you go through a ten level dark tower, and after that, you have to go through a garden labyrinth and a deep well before fighting off the big bad boss and finishing the game.
This will take some time - about fifteen hours or more to finish. And those of us who are not excited by the end of the tenth level should just quit out and sent the game back as the experience does not change much with each new level.
This is why I suggest renting Lost in Shadow first to see if you are willing to take this long journey - or not.

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Very Good

Excellent for what it is.

posted by ScottLaura (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jul 2, 2011

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Go into this one with the expectation of an artistic piece with new and innovative game play and you will enjoy it. Go into it with the expectation of high speed gaming and online mmo and you will understand why this game often receives a low score from users.
This is the first game to artfully combine two dimensional old school gaming with 3D puzzle manipulations. The combat structure is difficult from the beginning and will keep you either challenged or annoyed throughout. What you will love, if you care about such things is the beautiful background imagery and the extremely unique and not too difficult yet challenging puzzle solving. It is definitely worth renting, and if you are a collector of ground-breaking gaming, you may even wish to purchase this one!

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A little too innovative.

posted by karrde (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Mar 11, 2011

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Sometimes games go too far to be different. Lost in Shadow is one that goes way too far.

You are a shadow, you can only travel on shadows. Your environment is 2D, but it is affected by the 3D objects that you can manipulate including moving the light source.

So we need to give it props for innovation. Unfortunately its too innovative, and I feel most people will be like me and drop it before level 10 of the tower. Its just not fun.

The good parts are that the game its self is well done. Platforming is actually pretty well done.

So I think this game has a limited audience. That audience might think its a very good game. I'm not in that audience though.

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