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Worst Game You Can't Stop Playing

posted by divads (COLUMBIA, SC) Nov 10, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

This game is fun for a total of about 1 hour. The problem is that hour isn't consecutive. You get a good minute or two here or there. But you gotta play for hours on end to get them. You know it sucks, but you can't stop because dang it! you gotta get those stupid kids off the island. And this game is next to impossible to progress in if you aren't using a walkthrough (thanks to all the folks on gamefaqs for their help).
My advice: Don't get started on this game to begin with. Just rent something with more consistent and meaningful gameplay, like Animal Crossing or Sims.

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Surviving is hard and boring.

posted by Calgar (CERRITOS, CA) Jul 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The problem with this game is the fact is that its difficult and boring. I wanted to play a good survival game and this definitely wasn't one. The games 3 stat bars are ruthless, and eating 20 coconuts doesn't seem to appease the stats bars. The worse part of the game is the girl you rescue because she is the most worthless thing ever. Surviving is hard, but now you have an extra mouth to feed and she doesn't do anything to help herself survive. She does have a few important features that only women can do (yep i said it but i hate her) but her AI is so terrible you have to literally hand hold her so she wont die of thirst or of hunger.

The focus of the game is survival but it doesn't do it in a way that is fun.

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I got a Case OF Deja Vu!

posted by Scorpia (JAMAICA, NY) Oct 24, 2009

Member since Jan 2003

Upon playing this game I thought to myself-"Where have I seen this before?" And then it hit me-The Sims Castaways!
This game quickly got frustrating as I wandered around starving to death & trying unsuccessfully to catch crabs on the beach.
Forget this & play The Sims Castaways instead!

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