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Starving in the Blue

posted by LuigiB (WOONSOCKET, RI) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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Lost in the blue invites it's players to enter a world where people starve to death in less than 2 days(about 15 mins real time).

While all around a very creative idea, I spent the first hour or so trying to eat raw seaweed and dieing on the shores of said unnamed island. The opening movie is inescapable (That = AWESOME!)

That being said "instant gratification" and "Lost in the Blue" don't exist in the same universe. However "eating every coconut you can find" and "hiding in a cave" seem the true foundation of which Lost in the Blue is built.

Most of the fun of this game is found in discovering new ways to extend the time it takes to starve. This includes building shelves, collecting vines/logs, making ropes, waiting for re spawns to happen, recollecting the vines/logs, making more ropes, and building a more comfortable bed.

Trapping animals in a noose and shooting them repeatedly with a bow and arrow is very amusing, climaxing with 2 hours of actual time I spent trapping and domesticating a goat, just to return to my cave after two game days (another 30 mins or so, 1/4 the time it me to ensnare and persuade a goat to stand outside my cave) to find the goat had died. Picking the "It was just his time to go, you didn't do anything wrong." dialog response will trigger a super fun chime noise and make the girl stop crying and smile. She soon forgets about the 85 pounds of rotting goat flesh laying feet from the cave's entrance. No one likes goat milk anyway.

She also makes several "maybe you can find something good?" comments. I get all the food we eat to say alive, IS THAT NOT GOOD!! Her skill set includes bad cooking, messing up the fire, and making worthless seashell necklaces (taking up precious inventory slots!!!) This doesn't feel like we're sharing the "staying alive" responsibility.

I also found no difference in spears made with bamboo as opposed to spears made with "stick" wood. Torches are useless, you can see perfectly fine at night.

-Lou Beatini

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Very Good

Something different

posted by Pickel668 (FREEPORT, IL) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Any game that uses the touch screen on the D.S. well is worth playing. This game exceeds that by far. You hunt, fish and build things. Things can bog down with Skye (female character) she is a high school student that can't take care of her self! But this is only a small distraction. If you play Trauma Center then this one is worth looking at

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Great Concept...Poor Execution

posted by tallfort (PENSACOLA, FL) Apr 13, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Let me first preface this by saying I love games like Monster Rancher, Dark Cloud, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. I want to make this clear because much of Lost in Blue involves repetitive, even tedious tasks.

The concept of the game is great. You play Kyle, a young man washed ashore after a shipwreck. Your first job, and the primary point of the game, is to survive. You have four separate status areas to keep up: Food, Water, Strength, and mental stamina. You have to collect food, find a place to stay, and figure out how to make tools to help keep you alive. Here's the problem: It is frustratingly hard to go slow enough to survive, when you know what you need to do next. Exploration of the island is excruciating, since you cannot stray far from your base until you are sufficiently adept at keeping yourself alive.

There are a lot of cool concepts in this game: You have to alternate on the shoulder buttons to get an ember started, then blow on the mike to make it grow into a flame; there are also some interesting touch screen uses. In the end, the tedium did me in. I died 3 times within the first 45 minutes of playing, because I wanted to go faster than the game would allow.

In the end, this game is worth a try just because of the innovation it offers, and if you are a very patient gamer that likes the above mentioned RPGs, then this game might be right up your alley.

Happy Gaming,

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