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Lost: Via Domus


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Very FUN, IF you are a FAN... if not... avoid.

posted by CNTRINSGNT (MANVILLE, NJ) Mar 17, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

96 out of 103 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

As usual here are the good and bad aspects of the game, and a final thought

Easy Achievments, if you like 1000/1000 this is your game!

Pretty nice graphics on hdtvs

New story, New character, the game even contains new areas never seen before on the show

If you play you will learn some new things, and solve some questions that the show never completly answered!


VERY VERY VERY short game!, I got 1000/1000 in about 4 hours of gameplay

Very easy, the game is not a challenge at all

Most times you have to watch the same video clips if you die and need to restart, there is no way to FF them

No manual save feature, you must beat a certian point for the game to save


This game is really only for fans of the show, I allowed my friend to play this game and like the shows name, and games name... HE WAS LOST!

also due to no multiplayr ( which could have been included easily ) there is NO and I mean NO!!! Replay value at all!

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For fans of the show who also like adventure games

posted by tedlick (BAR HARBOR, ME) Aug 27, 2008

Member since Sep 2003

23 out of 25 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

I've had this in my queue since it came out, but it was never HIGH on my list. Well, gamefly finally sent it when the other 15-or-so games I wanted to play more weren't available, and I'm glad they did!

This game took up two whole evenings of my life; I'd be urinated had I bought it. But as a rental, and with low expectations, I was entertained & surprised.

What's good:
- If you like the show, you'll appreciate the way the game's 'episodes' are structured. I got a kick out of the "previously..." recaps, and there are times when you segue into a cutscene that mimics the show's 'feel' well, complete with the "Lost" logo effect.

- If you're a fan of the 80's/90's style adventure game -- the type where you take item x to area y to solve a puzzle, along a linear story path -- you'll like the gameplay.

What's bad:
- The accumulation of items you find to trade w/characters for objects is an unnecessary annoyance, considering how sparse the uses are for the items. This isn't a dungeon crawler.

- If you aren't familiar with the show, the game would probably make no sense at all. If you ARE familiar with the show, the way this story ties in with the show's plot is mediocre at best, and frustratingly vague.

The Summary:
Do you hate how Lost (the show) doesn't answer any questions, but instead gives plot twists that beg MORE questions? This game won't help your opinion of the show AT ALL.

But if you like quick story games, and wouldn't mind getting a couple dozen xbox 360 achievements knocked out in a few hours, then this is your game!

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Not very good.....

posted by Brian1989 (FLORENCE, AL) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

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Even if you are a fan of the show. I loved lost but pretty much found my self laughing at most of this game. (espicially Locke sounding like an inbreed hillbilly for some reason)

Graphics: Not bad, not good, just meh

Sound: great music just like the show, some of the voice overs are really bad though.

Gameplay: Pretty bad.......hardest part about this game is fighting with the camera constantly.

Story: Well, pretty much the first two season of lost crammed into a few hours of gameplay. You have Elliot's backstory which plays out like an episode from the show, but honestly his back story sucks. Frogurt's story would probably be more interesting.

If you're a fan of the show it's worth a rent, doesn't take long to beat, and if nothing else you can get an easy 1000 gs.

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