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Lost: Via Domus


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lost via domus

posted by jordan24 (AGAWAM, MA) Mar 3, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

5 out of 9 gamers (56%) found this review helpful

good story,very,very short diff rental not worth sixty dollars.

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Who am I?

posted by viadomus (ALBANY, NY) Mar 1, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

5 out of 10 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

While only on the 3rd episode of the game, I am fully enjoying every moment. I'm a huge fan of Lost, and this game allows you to immerse yourself in that world while adding a new storyline to the Lost Universe. The mystery of trying to find out who your character is is riveting...through flashbacks, it's apparent that the main character has met our Losties in the real world...everyone is interconnected, just like the show. I see myself glued to this game for many hours to come.

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Fan of the show? No? Skip it.

posted by CecilX (PETERSBURG, VA) Mar 6, 2008

Member since May 2007

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Exactly what the title says. I found the title really fun. I'm a big fan of the show.
I tried to rate this game as if I wasn't a fan of the show. It is a fair game. Graphics are solid. Shadows could use a little smoothing. Dialogue during cut scences was ok. The interaction dialouge left a bit to be desired though. It seems they didn't get too many of the original actors from the show to join on the game though. If they did, they didn't capture the tone from the show.
Controls were functional. A few times I got frustrated when I couldn't wake around something because my person kept stopping on an object I couldn't see. Such as a root at the tree line that I couldn't walk around or over. There weren't too many things you really needed to do. Walk around, light a torch, fire a gun, etc. Control wise they did exactly what was needed.
One thing that bugged me was the beach. Every time you were at the beach you only saw a handful of people. You didn't see the generic people just doing stuff. You only found a few select cast members. Even out int he jungle you didn't see anyone (except a few select characters). At night when you were at the beach you didn't see anyone as well. That was really the only point that didn't stick with me.
The part I thought was really cool (coming from a fan of the show now) was being able to see what was behind those concrete walls in the swan station. That was cool.
Conclusion would still be exactly what I wrote for the title. If you are a fan of the show, try this game out. It will be a fun experience. If you aren't a fan of the show then you won't find too much here. The game is short and very little actual interaction is needed. It's really a lot of walking around. You can't examine everything. You can't choose what you want to pick up, the game really just points out "here is a coconut". It would be hit or miss if you know nothing about the show. Watch the first and second season first

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