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Lost: Via Domus


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All show and no go

posted by Dewey72 (CASPER, WY) Mar 14, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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Being a consummate Lost fan, I am aware I probably got a lot more out of this game than most. I thought the graphics, sound, and all the other tech speak was pretty fair for the PS3. For example, the detail they put in the hatch was spot on. However overall, I thought the game was a whimper at best compared to some of the titles out right now. My first complaint is playability/game length. I have played games that have had longer cutscenes then this game has total in cinematics and actual gameplay. My second complaint is that I am now convinced that Via Domus is actually Latin for 'For Electricians". How can the developers of this game actually claim it is a puzzle game? Silent Hill and Myst are puzzle games. Prancing around the jungle looking for fuze boxes as your singular challenge is not a puzzle... it is poor man's Electronics 101. Trading coconuts and beer for weapons is not Lost.... it is Gilligan's Island. Now, I can sort of forgive the developers for the insanely bad voice work, but what was the deal with Charlie and Locke? The first time I heard Locke speak I thought it was a joke or my speakers were going out. Could an attempt to sort of get close to the voice be out of order? In the end, the developers had a mountain of material to pull from (four seasons) and there is no forgiveness for such shabby development.

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DON'T waste your time.

posted by gamrmom (AUGUSTA, GA) Jan 10, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

This game is teh SUCK. Seriously. I have seen every episode of LOST and am a huge fan. I thought this would get me past any potential gameplay issues. I was wrong. I literally played this game for 12 minutes before putting it back in its envelope and sending it back to Gamefly.

The character models looked like demon possessed ventriloquist dummies and the forced path through the game world is ridiculous and artificial.

The dialogue trees are stilted, disruptive and stupid.

It was very bizarre to go out to the beach immediately after the crash and see ONLY a few key characters, standing static, with their helter-skelter eyes, waiting for you to come up and talk to them.

Don't bother.

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This game LOST my respect

posted by natharia (NEW MILFORD, CT) Sep 2, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This was one of the Worst games I have ever played.

I urge you not to take a chance, This game even for Die Hard fans like me was horrible! The Story line was weak. half of the characters did not have the same voices as the Characters on the show, You get a gun but you only fire it 5 times, the game has puzzles which are boring and repetative, the Action really lacks, the mystery is not even there, You dont get a chance to explore at all, you cant even swim.

I would have liked it if we had played as the Main characters.

Also the Graphics were from PS2, I mean if your going to transfer the game to PS3 at least try and upgrade the Graphics!

The game had me confused the entire way through,

And thats pretty bad even for LOST standards,

Above all i rate it a 1 - For Apocoliptic Failure.

Please dont waste your time, its just not worth it.

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