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Lost: Via Domus


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Lost in Production.....

posted by Lucas0077 (CHAMPIONS GATE, FL) Mar 11, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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I'm a huge LOST fan and have seen every episode, and reading all the bad things about this game, I still rented it with an open mind thinking that there must be somthing worth while to take from the game. Unfortunately there isn't, in fact this only makes a 4 because of the fact it is related to the LOST story and has decent character likeness.

The game is very short but that's a plus in some ways because it means you can ship it back quickly to get a much better game on your Game Q. The story line is just OKAY as you play the part of another survivor of flight 815 who has lost his memory. You go about avoiding the black smoke and trying to piece the past together by taking photos in flashbacks like the series. But it soon becomes a case of trail and error as some frustrating parts just end over and over until you work out what to do.

The only sections which are anything like action packed are the running sections which involve a simplistic jump or slide approach to avoid obstacles and apart from that I maybe fired my weapon 5 times in the whole game.

NEVER buy this game and for a rental only LOST fans should think about it and even then it doesn't divulge anything that we don't know already.

Terrible game, weak story and lousy quest structure. Avoid like the black smoke.

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(Don't) Get LOST!

posted by iPlayPS3 (WASHINGTON, DC) Mar 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

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This is my first game review. I am writing it because I feel obligated to do so to stop people from wasting time or money on this game as it is really very disappointing. The graphics are weak (even the LOST between "chapters" is grainy). The game play is weak. Debris is in a fence pattern so you can't move very far and you can't even make your character swim or wade in the ocean. Things that you examine don't actually appear to you, an info bubble just appears letting you know what you've found. The puzzles aren't very interesting and are repetitive. The story isn't very developed. No one gets to know everyone and miraculously you talk about characters right after you crash that your character hasn't even met yet. It's very basic and reminds me of the first incarnations of more graphics & puzzles developed computer games from the early 90's, except the puzzles aren't even as good as those old games. I am a LOST fan since season 1. It is now Saturday evening and I can't return this until Monday. However, I can barely get myself to play it even out of morbid curiosity and may pop it in the mailbox early.

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Really Bad


posted by gamer85 (PUYALLUP, WA) Mar 2, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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okay so first let me say i love lost the show so i had high hopes for this game. i got the game and wow graphics were great the faces looked like the real people. and then it's all down hill from there.
you shot 2 people and 2 pieces of dynamite total. for real that is all the shooting. so when i first noticed that i thought okay i can deal with no shooting more puzzles. nope the puzzles are all the same puzzle. and oh by the way i beet the game in like 2 hours. seriously guys play something else this was a waste of time. and take in mind i love the show it;s one of my favorite but this game is booty so please guys heed my advice play something else.

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