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Lost Planet? Talk About a Lost Game....

posted by JBaker (OXFORD, OH) Mar 10, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

This game reminds me about those games that come straight from China, those games with way too smooth graphics. Even during the story parts, the graphics suck. Definitely not next gen, more like a ps2 game.

The game play isn't great either, you can go on foot or drive various robots. Your camera is far a way, even when you change the settings to up close. The aiming is like the arrow on your internet browser, really stiff and slow, but you can change the speed.

You have to collect this heat source from these Akrids, and as long as you have this heat, your suit will keep you alive, even if you get hit by a rocket or grenade, the only way to die is to run out of heat, or just take hit after hit very quickly.

The game is pretty long, each level takes like 20 to maybe 50 minutes, and there are 10 or 11 levels.

When I read "snow pirates," I expected Jack Sparrow in a futuristic snow setting, but I ended up with a Chinese looking game, the people look like the people from the old Dynasty Warriors games, like 4 and 5, not like the new one.

I expected a lot more from this game, I would not recommend renting it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Too flawed, and not because it's on the PS3.

posted by Shanghai (CLEMMONS, NC) Mar 10, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

The good: I actually found the graphics very good. Sure, they're not CoD4 quality, but they are good. The design of the Akrid are really well done, with great animations. The design of the V.S. suits (mechs) were excellent. For me, the framerate was solid. It only faltered in one area, but nothing was there to fight, and the area was small, so no harm done.

A lot of people complained about the slowness of the character, but when the character is in the snow, I think it's spot on. But when the character is inside, the devs could have speeded things up a bit.

The story's not great, but it's good. I did want to find out what happened at the end, which was why I finished the game.

The bad:

Game controls. Most reviews of this game talk about dodgy controls. But it's not the controls themselves (they work quite well, actually), but the fact that when the player is hit, you lose all control of the character until the current animation is completed. And often, you are struck again, before control is returned. This is probably the most frustrating thing in the game, and quite frankly, completely ruins the experience.

I thought we left "pattern-play" games back in the 90s, yet this is what every boss battle is. Play long enough to be able to recognize the pattern, then you can beat the boss. If you do NOT recognize the pattern, your weapons will not damage the boss' health meter. You can't defeat a boss your way, only the way the developers want you to, and huge potential was missed here.

Concerning voice acting, it's quite poor. But more importantly, the translation to English is terrible, and often doesn't make any sense.

AI is another problem in this game. Most of the time, it doesn't exist, as the devs apparently decided on pattern play over AI. There is some, but the AI reminds me of the AI in a Sonic the Hedghog game from the 90s.

Unfortunately, this is a game to avoid, if anything because of the level of frustration it will induce

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Another bad 360 port

posted by psyCh0i (Storrs Mansfield, CT) Mar 6, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

Frame rate stutter when fighting big bosses. Sometimes down to single digits, causing unnecessary damages/death. It's a real shame as I actually like the game design and presentation. This game was just let down by terrible programing.
I can't understand how Capcom can produce the fantastic DMC4 and release this crxp at the same time.
Don't waste your money on this. Buy DMC4 instead.

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