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GF Rating

Above Average

A fun and simple shooter. (Single player review)

posted by Dissension (EUGENE, OR) Jan 27, 2007

Member since Sep 2004

22 out of 32 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

Lost Planet is a fairly straightforward third-person shooter on an icy planet populated by ravenous bug-like aliens known as the Akrid, and by human snow pirates and their VS machines. (This game's equivalent of a mech.)

While the game tries to push its story with lengthy cutscenes, it proves to be a bit convoluted and more confusing than interesting. The real entertainment comes in the shooting itself.

Throughout the course of the game you fight against both akrid and humans, some of which are piloting VS machines, which you too will often use. Generally speaking, akrid make a far more fun opponent than the humans. These hideous creatures range from roughly human size, to an easy 50 feet long. Most of the larger akrid have specific weak points that must be exploited to weaken and finish them off. The gruesome visual effects of blowing off a limb to cripple the giant critters are a lot of fun while the human battles are pretty lackluster.

The game has an over-the-top arcade quality to the controls which works well against akrid, but is ultimately unfulfilling against human enemies. Due to the wide open environments and very nature of the game, you're generally fighting humans from such a distance that they appear as little more than generic black specks.

To cap off, I will quickly list my issues with the game that keep me from rating it any higher.

- Your movement is a little slow.

- You can't aim straight up.

- The fire and smoke effects, while visually stunning, often cover up the whole screen completely blinding you, but not the opponent.

- Too many invisible walls and barriers.

- You are plagued with a slow falling and getting up animation which with bad luck can allow enemies to juggle you infinitely with attacks until you die.

- Your character has to stop moving to switch weapons.

- The controls are often unresponsive. Particularly the rocket launcher.

- Game is short. About 10 hours.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Beautifully Fun

posted by mculberson (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Jan 14, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

31 out of 48 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

Having just played 2 missions, I can't speak for the entire game, but I wanted to put up a quick review for those on the fence about playing this game.

First of all, the game looks amazing. There's so much happening on screen and it looks fantastic.

Second, it's just plain fun. It doesn't seem too deep so far, but the fun factor is through the roof. I've played just about everything on the Xbox 360 and I must say this ranks up their with one of the best games of its type so far. Definitely a must rent.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Visually Amazing, let lacking in story

posted by RoxtarRyan (WINDSOR LOCKS, CT) Jan 22, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Lost Planet for the X-Box 360. Visually, one of the best games I have ever seen, making it another great success for Capcom, creator of the MegaMan series. The main enemy in the game, the Akrid, looks outstanding, and the environments you are thrown in are some of the best out there, even rivaling Gears of War. The explosions and lighting effects only enhance the visual orgasm you will receive while enjoying this great game.

However, when it comes to the actual story, the game falls short. It starts off pretty straightforward, yet, as the game progresses, the story gets confusing. Heck, it even becomes something of a bother sitting through the cut scenes. Make good use of the time by grabbing a drink or a snack. The anchor that you are given loses its usefulness after the first couple of levels, and the fact that you can't point the anchor, or even your weapon, straight up is downright baffling.

It was a pretty quick game, but sometimes, quick single player games can make up for the multiplayer gameplay. Not so here. It would be nice if Gamefly could send even photocopied versions of the manual, because when you jump into the multiplayer world, its downright confusing on what you're supposed to do, unlike the straightforward multiplayer we've all experienced with Halo 2 and the like. You can't mute players who are screaming into your microphones, and the 'lobbies' set up in the multiplayer do little to explain the rules of the game type.

So, to wrap things up, its a great game as a rental. Replay value is low (even to find the hidden 'coins' throughout the short levels is a headache), and though the single player mode is good for the 5 or so hours you will tear through it in, the story is confusing, leaving you scratching your head, and the multiplayer could have used some more work before sending it out.

So, enjoy the rental, but not exactly worth $60 in this experienced gamers opinion.

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