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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition


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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun Series

posted by SirKoenig (HOBOKEN, NJ) Jul 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

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Lost Planet is decent. This title gives you a fun story, snow pirates (awesome), enjoyable combat, and robots to kill giant bugs with.

Final Word - With the third title coming out early next year (2013), if you haven't played this and want to catch up on the story and have some good times killing snow pirates and giant snow bug creatures, check it out.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Awesome Rental

posted by BigJoeker (FALLON, NV) Feb 20, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I was expecting this game for quite some time. Though I gave it a 6 I still think its a good game. But some things let me down. I'll name the good things first.

The game looks great, and feels great. The Grafics are really detailed and the environment feels and sounds like you're actually there. The enemies are fresh and some are new(like not copied from movies or other games.) The levels on the average take in between 30 minutes to an hour to beat. So its a good game if you like to sit for a bit, or to hang for a while.

Now the bad; I was looking forward to online battles, but when I started I was just let down. Most of the players are easily angered on this game. Some kick you for being level 1-10 others kick you because you took their mech or took a weapon off a mech to put on your own. Alot of gamers also glitch. I found some getting out of a mech as you fire a rocket at them so they receive no damage, then get back in and fire their weapon back. Others find glitched positions to shoot from, but you can't shoot them.

Single Player Bad; Bosses on this game are interesting, but some get real cheap when they're near death. All the bosses are best beat with a mech. Now some will eventually best your mech and this is when they're near death. Once you eject from your mech, they begin raining havoc on you just spraying their attack on you till you're dead. Which gets annoying after you already took 5-10 minutes fighting the boss.

Overview: Good detailed grafics. Good feel and sound. Interesting Story-line. Boss fights get cheap when they're near death. Online players boot new people, and tend to glitch alot.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Dont miss out

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Jan 16, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

47 out of 63 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

After playing both the single player and multiplayer demo's, I thought this game was barely good enough to pick up and try it out, boy was I glad I did.

Both the MP and campaign demo's have done this game no justice. Now aside from the story, the game is great.

The Campaing will confuse you do to the "going no where" story telling. Cut sceens jump into gamepplay with little to no explaination as to how the objective ties to the story in any way. Most confusing, I have all but completely ignored that element of the game.

There are massive and many enemies to defeat in a wide range of ways. The weapons are fantastic and innovative. They can be found lying on the ground or burried in the snow.

I compare the game to Star Wars Battlefront meets Mech Assault, Yeah, I know, Cool!

The multiplayer is where I was truley floored. Let me start with the thing that actually amazed me the most, servers! I have played matches where I was the only player in the US in the game of 16 players, NO LAG. I mean none, what so ever. Ive had games where there were people from Spain, Japan, Us, Canada and Germany, all in the same game and still, NO LAG! Sorry, it just amazed me.

The maps are beautiful. One or two of them are the prettiest maps Ive ever seen. Im not sure of the name, but there is a map where you appear to be inside a volcano and there are explosions and molten lava all around you. It looks so amazing.

The battles really heat up with the combination of foot soldier and mechs, did I mention alot of the mechs are like Transformers? Some start as a tank then hit the "Y" button and it will change into a walking mech. It amazing.

As you can probably tell by now Im pretty hot on this game and suggest any hardcore online gamer at the very least give it a rental.

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