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Earlier lost planets were better.

posted by BigScary (REDMOND, WA) Jan 12, 2014

Member since Oct 2009

Same combat mechanics as earlier games which I like, but now there's way too much talking to people, walking around, and waiting for storyline stuff to play out. I much prefer just picking a level and jumping straight into the action from there. Movies are for watching, games are for playing.

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time waster

posted by Savage1 (NORTH HAMPTON, OH) Dec 23, 2013

Member since Apr 2008

this game was junk it plays like dead space or gears of war there is no free roaming there is no fun . a boring game .

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Starts off good! .....then...yeah...

posted by StyleGamer (FOUNTAIN, CO) Nov 16, 2013

Member since Sep 2010

For starters I have played all 3 Lost Planet games and was a HUGE fan of the original as the multiplayer was just plain fun. Unfortunately this game does live up to its negative reviews. I REALLY wanted to believe this game was better then people were saying but it simply is not.


- Great visuals. One thing this game did well was capture that "hostile" and "zero degree" EDN 3. The games visuals made you feel like it was going to be a battle to survive and your base was the only positive thing you had.

- Decent gunplay. I did enjoy shooting Akrid on campaign more then I did on LP1 or LP2. The assault rifle and shotgun handle well and the grenade launcher does not disappoint.

- The main character feels like a main character. If your into story this will please you. Jim Peyton is a very relatable character and goes from trying to provide for his wife and kid to taking on a much bigger role.


- Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive. Every mission is laid out the same to the point where its just absurd. It goes like this: Take rig to objective, kill akrid (either mob or boss), fix machine with rig. That gets very boring...very fast.

- Tight and confined map. I hate this to death. It seems even when you are out in the open on EDN3 you feel confined to a small area. the NEVEC base is also very tiny. Every where you go in the game its like a tight hallway. Very lame!!!

- Multiplayer is a HUGE step back. Pathetic compared to the last two games. No one is ever online and they took the old grappling hook out, no VS weapons, and no energy weapons. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE. This alone docks the games quality a ton.

Overall I just cant recommend this game to anyone. Even hardcore Lost Planet fans should skip this one. It just doesn't add anything to the series and in the end it feels boring and shallow.


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