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Above Average

The Story Lost Me - contains some spoilers

posted by Tirade (GLENDALE, CA) Jul 7, 2014

Member since Oct 2009

I thought Lost Planet 3 started out fantastic. A very compelling plot of a guy coming to a dangerous place to do a dangerous job to help his family. And the first few missions were great: learning the ropes and your surroundings and getting to know the people on the station and fighting off monsters and storms and destruction.

Then a few hours in, the whole script is flipped and you leave the base to go to a town of freedom fighters. Apparently, you were working for the evil company and now, to progress, the game compels you to work for these new guys. I really wish the game offered you the choice of who to work for. These freedom fighters complain that they are oppressed by the evil company but they seem to be living quite securely while the evil company base was inches from destruction last time you were there.

Anyway, the story lost me. I just didn't care about doing missions for this new group of jerks. it went against the whole premise of the main character doing a JOB to support his family.

The gameplay was great, but the monsters were really tough and retreading through the same areas and killing the same tough monsters over and over got to be a chore.

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GF Rating

Above Average

What could have been

posted by Gamecreep (ELMWOOD PARK, IL) May 27, 2014

Member since Jun 2005

It's a sad occasion when you come across a game that displays greatness in so much of what it does and then a real let down when you come across the flaws that keep it from excelling. This is without a doubt Lost Planet 3. It irks me when developers are either too lazy, underpaid or just simply rush to market to get a game out leaving it unfinished. LP3 has beautiful graphics, a wonderful story, great dialogue (see Gale in the basement workshop) and has a nice even pace between action and exploration.

However, where it gets bad is the atrocious nav point system. I mean why is it that all optional missions do not show a nav point when trying to get to your objective? Was my particular game broken? The main missions are easy to follow but side missions are a "your guess is as good as mine" experience. In short, you get lost a lot with no sure indication as to where to go and no help along the way. I only completed a few of the side missions because of this and I really wanted to play all of them to get the complete experience.

Secondly, and maybe this somehow was my system or disc (although I cant see how since we are all playing the same game on the same system) but why does the audio in almost every cutscene sound distorted. I almost wanted to stop playing the game just because of the in game cinematics. What a shame. I couldn't even enjoy the story because of this unforgivable garbage.

Anyway, I won't ramble on but please do give it a rent before you buy. I would love to have purchased this game but some things are inexcusable and I just cant recommend this one.

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GF Rating


it was ok

posted by someguy098 (CHESTERFIELD, VA) May 12, 2014

Member since May 2014

I thought it was going to be really good but no. It was horrible compared to LP2. It was a so so game.

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