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Very fun, overlooked entertainment.

posted by BlueA10 (CHARLESTON, AR) Jul 11, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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I have read the critic reviews of this game and just about the only thing I can agree with is "When bosses are big enough that you can go all Fantastic Voyage on their (arses) you know that the sense of scale is being set to 11." I'm guessing a reason of low review score has to do with the last game being just about the same. Since I haven't played the first one, I do not share their views.

This is one of those "have a blast" games that satisfies casuals and hardcores alike. There is PLENTY to unlock, the multiplayer is fantastic, especially because of the large scale maps with VS's, and, just like in Halo 3, "Easy difficulty" is another term meaning Movie mode. I have gone through the campaign on Easy with 3 other bots, and never died a single time. That was my first playthrough too. Just watching those huge Cat-G Akrid boss fights made my jaw drop. The visuals and environments are a amazing, and the way you take them down is even better. Like the quote above, you can enter inside of a boss, to attack it's vital organs. You even get this neat hookshot called the anchor. From what I have said it sounds as if the game plays itself, and it may at least once throughout the story, but crank up the difficulty and bit, and you'll realize that you have a collective amount of lives for your team called your "Battle Gauge", not to mention the valuable T-ENG (Thermal Energy) that is keeping you and your equipment alive and working. Once the difficulty is up, you will have to plan out every battle you ever engage in to prevent you or your teammates from losing. The best part of the whole game though, is the VS mechs. Once you enter these, you gain immense destructive power and versatility. They even have a laser lance you can use, at the cost of some T-ENG, to pierce through your enemies.

This game has gotten some bad reviews, and I ran out of space to type about the unlocking and customization systems, but at LEAST rent this game, because that's why you have Gamefly.

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GF Rating


Really not that bad

posted by Pete89 (HOLMDEL, NJ) May 15, 2010

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42 out of 53 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

I was very excited for this game, even though I never played the old one. After hearing what people said I was very nervouse but tis game rly isnt that bad..The graphics are amazing, and the gun fights are pretty engaging and fun. Ive played alotta videogames and the camera didnt rly bother me, a game like Ninja gaiden now that was a terrible camera.And that category G akrid on the train, idk why ppl are complaining, myself, 2 real players and one AI beat the akrid easiy first time, playing on normal difficulty. The AI actually did more to help me than my two dumb huan partners, he actually brought ammo to the huge gun while my dumb partners tried to shoot the akrid with their tiny guns..all in all..worth a rent..not that bad

MY ONLY GRIPES..this is a total co-op game, but theres no drop in drop outs during games? why woulda developer do this? Also losing and having to do everything over and watch the same cutscenes (cause apparently ppl on xbox live cant hit a) is a bother. all in all 7/10

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The good, the bad, the ugly

posted by Devilseed (BROOKLYN, NY) May 17, 2010

Member since May 2010

54 out of 71 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Huge akrid enemies? Check. Plenty of replay value? Check. Great visuals? Check. Extra goodies and characters? Check.

Lost Planet 2 has alot going for it. It is a great game with a beefy campaign that can be played spit screen or online with Three other friends. The missions are graded, giving you a reason to replay sections to get that S rating. Mutliplayer is very beefy with plenty of options, charater customization as well as a ton of unlockables.

Visually stunning.
Classic LP controls with easy auto aim.
Plenty of customizationa and plenty of unlockable skins, parts, weapons, abilities.

Highly recommended.

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