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GF Rating

Above Average

What u need to know before u rent

posted by painiack (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Apr 11, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

1)In game graphics are far better than any FF game.
2)Storyline starts off strong.But by the second and third disc it falls apart.
3)It has a leveling cap so u wont be able to power level.But u can go to mycheats web site to find out away around it.
4)Way too many cutsences. gets annoying very fast.Espcially since they are annoying.
5)The main character looks cool.But it ends there.He has no personality.Also he turns out to be grandad.Even worst his grand kids are playable.They are also annoying.
6)The monsters are awesome.
7)tHE BOOB phsyics top notch.
8)Very easy game if u can find the easy leveling.But with out it u should still be fine. cheat.

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GF Rating


Liked it so much I kept it

posted by SurfFreak (LAGUNA BEACH, CA) Apr 1, 2008

Member since Jun 2004

First of all, I’m not a big fan of turn based combat RPGs so I wasn’t expecting too much from this title. I rented it as a time filler. However, this game really delivers. At 80+ hours and 4 discs (I don’t think this includes the movies) the game is well worth a purchase. I had a lot of minor complaints throughout the game but will forgive all of them for the overall experience. The graphics are great. Story is very well developed if a little corny at times. The combat system is good with a wide selection of magic, items and moves to work with. The difficulty is pretty challanging, especially at times when you have to backtrack in order to find the way forward. Overall, I am really impressed with this game. Warning: this game contains lots of reading but for the most part, the stories are optional.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game, very long...

posted by Riorden (SPARTA, TN) Mar 23, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

This was a great game, although very long. It's very much like the FF series, long and frequent cut scenes, turn based battle, complex story line- the works. Graphics were excellent, and I didn't notice too many bugs- screen would freeze for a second every once in a while but never locked up on me. I would say the only drawback I saw to this game was that it was a little too long, I probably put more time into this than any other game I've played- except Oblivion, which I still play... Granted, I like to complete all the side quests and explore everywhere but after a week of exploring, I just wanted to end it. It didn't help I was lost in 1 dungeon for about 8 hours, but when I finally got out I was just about invincible. I didn't keep track of the total hours played but I had the game about a month total, usually playing for 2-3 hours each night. All in all it was a great game with a very interesting story to keep you occupied.....

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