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.. and a high 9 at that.

posted by Karasu88 (Denver, CO) Apr 27, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

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Lost Odyssey has a solid story line - definitely one of the more original ones I have seen recently, and it flowed pretty well.

The Bad:
The combat system had a steep learning curve when trying to figure out how to make the ring system work for your advantage.. it was a little too steep and it took me about half the game to get the hang of it. The only other issue I had was that magic was kind of moot until you got abilities to hasten spell casting... and even then, meh. Why cast something that'll take 2 rounds (or longer by the end of the game) for something that won't do as much damage as casting one thing every round? And that's IF you don't get hit.

The Good:
Pretty much everything else. Stunning visuals and all that everyday stuff, but a respectable soundtrack (take a look at who wrote the score and, well, yeah of course it's good!) and finally characters that I could get behind. Even one who I absolutely hated at the beginning I really liked by the end... There was really only one character I didn't care for much but even then he was handy to have around.

This is going to be a love or hate thing. You are going to get bogged down with the simple "Fight" mechanics and get frustrated with the way the story is being told, or you're going to get over the learning curve and embrace the game for what it can be -- that one-off work of art.

An overall 9.5 on it - and I'd expect a sequel coming. Definitely worth playing, and its age gives it a good buy price too. Replay should be good for at least a couple play throughs... It'll be the second game I get all the achievements on I expect.

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Best game ever

posted by mikesloan91 (LUDINGTON, MI) Feb 24, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Best game ever its story is so great its intense epic and moving but it's so hard to beat it takes a lot of time and pacients to beat this game the bosses on disc 3 and 4 are so hard to beat so take ur time and level up as much as u can. Because if u mess up u may have to start over until u get it right. And this game is not like final fantasy so don't think it is if ur looking for tht kind of game

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great game people are just too spoiled

posted by setsuna (NEW YORK, NY) May 24, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

12 out of 13 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

This game is amazing. Don't listen to those people who gave the weak ratings. They don't do the game justice. First off the story line is ultimate, I mean it will never stop grabbing your attention. You'll always want to see where things go no matter what. The graphics are also amazing. This is why there are four discs. The voice acting could of been better, but hey everything is bad in english. It's not horrible but they could of made kaim more lively. What people have been complaining about is the combat system. They want to be able to customize their characters into the cheapest little warriors and they think that the turn based old fashioned gameplay isn't good enough now. Only true rpg fans can appreciate the classic stlye of gameplay. And seriously how many of us have sat and actually customized our weapons for the whole game. Usually we only customize weapons so that we can beat some annoying boss. All in all it's a great game
story- I can't even rate how good it is
voice acting- 7/10 It's not perfect but the voices really do match the characters
battle system-10/10 It's bringing back good memories. Sometimes simple is better not to mention the ring bonus which does add a little piece of diffuculty to battle

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