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posted by angerstorm (CEDAR PARK, TX) Mar 28, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

This game is beyond terrible.Sure,it's fun for the first 10 minutes,but don't be fooled.Not only does the game have no save option or autosave feature,the level you need to beat is impossible and impassable.You have to make make pathetic walls that last 7 seconds with earth magic,walk like an old man to get away from the speedy enemies that are too strong for you and your monsters,and get past the OTHER monsters before the green ones get you.Ya can't do much anything with this game,since the only way to fight or defend yourself is to use magic that depletes after 3 spells.Not to mention the fact that leveling up does nothing.Don't do it for God's sake.Gonna be 4 days down the drain.

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bad just bad

posted by kithrin (MOHAWK, NY) Apr 19, 2007

Member since Aug 2004

1. interesting concept
2. decent story
3. multiple Endings

and that just about covers the positives...

1. Extreme difficulty in some stages equipment for the main character
3. monsters move and attack on their own even when you don't want them to
4. infinite monster spawn points.
5. time limits 5 min normal battles 10 For Bosses
6. poor symbol recognition half the time when i draw a symbol it doesn't recognize it even when it is extremely close.

need i go on? in short the game mechanics are just plain bad and with the difficulty makes getting past certain points nearly impossible. it just becomes a frustration magnet.

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What A Cruel World...

posted by TheLuigi (MORRISVILLE, PA) Aug 27, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I could of enjoyed this game. A LOT. Let me tell you why I could've LOVED this game.
The game focuses on using magic runes that you draw with the stylus to use against monsters. This is pretty good and is not to hard to draw.
You can also combine runes for awesome powers and complete domination. There are over 400 possiblities for great spells.
It could be fun. You can also control monsters and capture them in battle to help you later on in levels. Great.
Now let me tell you the rest.

Main Problem - WAY TOO HARD!!!!!!!!!
This game is impossible. I blame the creators.
All my friends have tried this and said, "Why is this SO HARD!!!"
You move at such a slow rate, enemies can move at least twice as fast, even bosses.
Did the creators even have a normal gamer try this? Or did they just ingore him?
Enimies do damage so fast, the mosters you use and really only bodyguards for you. They move slower, have less attack and are useless expect for enimies attack them before you(you can only have like around six mnosters!!!).
You get new runes at such a slow rate, it feels impossible.
And just to put salt on a wound, you have time limits.
They just seem so useless in a game like this.

Fighting - UGH.
They only attack you have is spells. "So what if you run out of MP. Nothing. Nada. You sit until it grows back(why couldn't they have used a button for a normal attack? You only use the L button in the game).

Also, while you draw the runes with the stylus enimies still attack you. I guess makes sense, but we then go back to "Enimies have EXTREMELY HIGH ATTACK AND YOU HAVE EXTREMELY LOW HEALTH.
Seriously, if there are three enimies surrounding you, you have no chance.
Bosses can attack with magic at long range, pretty much all around the field, so most of my monsters were dead by the time I reached THE SECOND boss.

Most of the time I have to heal. It pathetic. I can't even try out combinations without dying. It "runes" the fun(hahaha).

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