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Lord of the Rings: War in the North


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posted by jamescasper (FRESNO, CA) Nov 25, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I loved this game. I didnt get bored of it untill i played through about 20 times! online is great when you have a good team!

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Very Good

You're Facing the Dunadain now!

posted by skuzztard (ANN ARBOR, MI) Nov 22, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This is the latest entry by SNOWBLIND studios the developers who brought us Champions of Norrath and the sequel to that along with one of the two Baldur's Gate games that used the same engine. I've been waiting quite a few years for this studio to make another game like Champions, where you and a friend could slay monsters and trade/find loot galore. This is a solid game, unfortunately, it came out at the wrong time with heavies such as Skyrim and of course the co-op king Saints Row: The Third. If this game would have been released this last Summer, it would have gotten far better reviews.

The Good and the Bad beyond that is that this is a very fun co-op game that you'll be able to play with a friend, and possibly another friend for a second or third play-through.
The Good: Achievements are very easy to rack up, if you're into achievements.
The Bad: the in game inventory leaves something to be desired after playing other co-ops like Borderlands.
The Good: The story is pretty well written, but fans of LOTR may find fault.
The Bad: NPC quest givers along with every other NPC are long winded, kinda like a Tolkien novel. ;)
The Good: It's fun, play it already, the fighting is addictive and the items and weapons are SNOWBLIND caliber of enticement.
The Bad: I don't want to leave this on a sour note but do be careful about "farming" or playing ahead of someone you co-op with because if you get too far in the story or level, that person will have to level up before joining you.
In conclusion I must reiterate that this is a very enjoyable game, possibly to buy, definitely to rent, and if I weren't playing the ||=|| 3 ||_ ||_ out of Skyrim right now, I would probably give it another play-through.

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Above Average

Broken camera system

posted by dante1st (COLUMBUS, OH) Nov 13, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

Other reviewers have already mentioned most of what needed to be said. Here's my 2 cents: Was it just me, or was the camera system flawed during combat? When you're constantly fighting people in front and in back of you, you have to keep CONSTANTLY swiveling the camera using the right stick, and it moves SO slow, that it can't keep up. Many times I find myself turning around to start fighting the guy behind, while swiveling the camera around to face him.

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