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Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest


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Above Average

Worth a rent, just don't expect to be overwhelmed

posted by Lynxan (Clermont, FL) Dec 4, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

The first thing that was clear from the moment this game started, it was made for the Wii. The Sly Collection looks better then this does. Now mind you this does not make a bad game on it's own, but this all so leads to how it plays, witch isn't bad, but rather then using what the Move can do it mostly just uses the old waggle this way for this atack method and does that rather poorly too.

All is not bad though, the story is ok in a LOTR Jr kind of way. This isn't bad for the under 10 crowd it was likely made for, if your over that you'll probably be board

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Not great but not complete trash

posted by Tony8536 (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Nov 8, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Okay I played and amazingly enough actually took the time to complete this game which was actually somewhat difficult since the game kind of sucks. Most of the time I was wondering how I was going to get back the time I'd wasted playing it. However the ease and shortness of the game helped in that matter.

The bad:
Poor camera controls. I know this game was basically ripped from a WII game and they were probably trying to use the move controllers for this but it does not work on the Playstation. The only thing that makes the poor camera control bearable is the incredible ease of the game. You basically only have the square button to attack with and honestly you don't need anything else. just hold block occasionally and mash the square button and you'll whip through most enemies easily

The game seems to have been made for very little children. From the cartoonish laughable graphics to the story telling plot it would have been better marketed to children rather than teens.

The Good:
well it's easy so you'll finish before you know it. It also has several items and power-ups that must be found in each level which kind of ads something to the boredom of just pushing square square square. and honestly it gets a little better during the later levels. after you get to Moria you get a lot more enemies and battles which actually keeps your mind off of the terrible graphics and lack of camera movement. However you have to be able to stomach all the other issues in order to get to these parts

Overall I think they should have worked a little harder to make this game worthy of the PS3's capabilities in the area of graphics and camera control. If you just love Lord of the Rings though you could rent this and beat it in a couple of days just to say you played it. Bu you have to have the patience to look past the areas the game lacks in. You would only want to buy this if you have small kids who play games as they would probably like this.

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Keep Looking!!

posted by ARCHANGEL1 (SALISBURY, NC) Oct 26, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Unless you are 12 years old or younger stay away from this one. It's not at all what I expected it to be (fighting-blood-death). It looks more like one of those $12 games you find on the Wii. I this game back in the mail box same day I got it.

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