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GF Rating


Definately Not What I Expected

posted by daveh2676 (CHARLOTTE, MI) Sep 18, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

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I went out on the first day of the U.S. release and purchased the whole Playstation Move Controller set, (which I love by the way). Wanting a good game to play with it all, I immediately gravitated to the new Lord of the Rings game. I've been a fan of the past releases of the franchise on both the Playstation and PC, and thought that this would be an almost sure thing. The first 10 minutes of game play showed me that I was very, very wrong. In my opinion, this game is directed to the younger crowd, and I mean pre-teen to young teen. I'm slightly older, and therefore found it difficult to immerse myself in the cartoonish graphics and overly simple style. The controls handle okay for the most part, with a couple of problems making themselves apparent early on. It's hard to control what you need to see with the camera, as it follows your character from the back and can be a pain when you need to see at an angle behind you or something similar. The sword-play can also be disconcerting when you want to raise your arm and perform a downward swipe. More often than not, your character performs an upward swipe while your arm is raising in preparation for the action that you're trying to perform. All in all, this game would probably be good for the younger player, as it's pretty simple in execution with the violence being timid and game play simplistic. After paying $60, I suppose that it's a good thing that I have two younger children that would probably enjoy a game like this.

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GF Rating

Above Average

For the kiddies

posted by rbegpeek (CANON CITY, CO) Sep 19, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

As a fan of the LOTR trilogy and even a fan of the Hobbit as a child, I was anticipating the release of this game as were my children. I think it was in my game Q for the better part of a month. After receiving the game, I instantly noticed that this game was directed at the younger crowd. The controls are simple but sticky, you have no control of the camera which takes away from any 3rd person game, the graphics are a little out dated. However, my children had an absolute blast with this game. So if you are looking for a game with the typical hack and slash of the other LOTR games, go elsewhere but if you have children this might be a game for them.

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this is how it goes...

posted by horsumhack (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Sep 17, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

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well, i always have a soft spot for games like this, look forward to them and hope, but gaming is merciless. it's incredibly hard to make a really good game. the big budget games are terrified of taking any real chances and are rewarded for taut, balanced, profoundly conservative and very well produced nothingness (er, halo reach comes to mind here), while little games like this just don't have any resources to do anything much, enough, beyond what it takes to cash in, or try to. aragorn's quest is not terrible really. there are flashes of polish and appeal; good voice acting, fairly pretty environments, sort of charming story presentation (really, it's a cute idea with the storytelling and the young hobbits). there's collecting and some leveling type stuff, not bad little cut scenes, i mean, if i were reading this i'd still be interested. but, sorry, there are just a few too many basics missing here. this may sound harsh, but if you couldn't make this game with a controllable camera i don't think you should even bother. it just cuts the heart out of it not to be able to look around or reorient except by moving. add clunky controls, some occ. awful character modeling and animation and the generic gaming sin, a desire to rain enemies on you because it's the only halfway interesting thing the developers can manage, only, it's not all THAT interesting and suddenly you become aware "wow, i am sitting here playing a stupid video game!". if the very best of games (mass effect 2, red dead...) have to struggle against this, well, little aragorns quest does not stand a chance!
it's funny, there are like a billion identical reviews for halo reach out there, but this one i can still barely find a thing on. i guess the idea is you're supposed to know it's not that good. every movie gets reviewed, but 100 gaming sites can't seem to handle it with games.
so, maybe give it a rent, but wait till this exciting fall season of releases ends & understand you probably wont like it.

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