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Lord of The Rings: Two Towers


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Very Good

Don't be fooled by Fellowship of the ring

posted by Ragnex (SILVER SPRING, MD) Jun 21, 2006

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We all thought Fellowship of the ring stunk, but that shouldn't stop you from playing the others. While this one isn't as good as Return of the King, it's definately still worth a play.

Play as your favorite characters from the books/films.
Follows the story fairly closely.
Great hack and slash gameplay with optional long range weapons for every character.

Low replay value
Some battles can be frustrating

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Great execution for a movie/book title.

posted by dken2311 (NEW CANAAN, CT) Aug 15, 2007

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This game really is excellent, however there were a few things that made me choose to rate it a little lower and I will explain. But first the good news: Awesome graphics including all accurate character depictions and movements, large environments with no loading breaks, and an engine that can keep up with (what looks to the human eye to be) 100's and even 1,000's of characters on the screen at once. This game is exactly like the movie, and it allows you to play with mutiple characters and upgrade their moves as you go (very cool). Now for the bad: 1.)Very difficult unless you play it on easy mode, and even then you will end up playing the harder levels multiple times before beating them. 2.) The controls become a little too confusing to remember all the moves. The button combos become long chains that only work if you do them perfectly like square, circle, R2, x. Then you will have another move that is x,x,square,circle, triangle. This is a bit much to do perfectly in unison while constantly being interupted mid-combo by the 7 Orcs that are hacking at you from every direction. I found it most valuable to use my upgrade points on the simpler moves that involve button combos like square+X at the same time, and X,X,X,triangle (very easy to remember), and then purchase the health and bow & arrow upgrades. 3.) The camera angles get weird at times. You will sometimes find yourself in a huge battle and somebody from off the screen will start slicing you up, if you turn to fight him, the guys you were previously engaged with then start attacking, and you have to move outm of that camera glitch area completely if you are not to die.All in all a great game, especially for people who are fans of the movies and books. I suggest buying it if you are a big fan of the movies, because you will play it over and over. If you are just a big gamer, definitely rent, but don’t bother buying it.

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Very Good

Pretty darn good...

posted by JangoFett (BOMOSEEN, VT) Jun 24, 2006

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If you're into really simple hack'n-slash games, this game is for you. the graphics are well done(except for the fact that some of the characters don't really look like their counterparts).Once you beat it, you unlock Isildur (you know, the prince from the first movie, who kept the ring)

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