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Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring


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Also on:PS2
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155 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of The Ring

Directional Pad Left - Activate Weapon slot/Right - Activate Item slot/Up or Down - Change selected weapon or inventory item
Left Thumbstick Move/Reset camera (push)
Right Thumbstick Camera/Toggle between first and third person (push)
A Button Attack
B Button Block
X Button Interact (coonversation, examine, action)
Y Button Jump
White Button Cycle through available weapons/ammo or spells
Black Button Use selected inventory item
Right Trigger Cycle through available inventory items
Start Pause Game/Pause Menu
Back Pause game and enter Quest Log

Combo #1 Left Trigger Button: Melee weapon active - press and release to lock target and activate combat camera; press and release again to disengage combat lock/Ranged weapon or spell active - press and release to cycle through available targets
Combo #2 Left Thumbstick: While in combat camera - Move forward to move toward selected target/Move backward to backaway from selected target/Move left or right to circle target (strafe)
Combo #3 Directional Pad: Move left or right to activate Weapon or Item slot/Move up or down to change selected Weapon or Inventory Item