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London Taxi Rush Hour


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Stop the taxi, I want to get off!

posted by londoman (CARY, NC) Apr 12, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

The blocky graphics and uncontrollable car have been covered in other reviews so I'll touch on some other points.

Gameplay. There are money missions, where you have to get money in a time limit. Then there are time missions, where you have a time limit to get money. So those are pretty much identical. You earn money, but you don't get to keep it. What you really need are bulldog tokens, which earn you new taxis. Or rather, the same taxi in a different colour. So there's no real reward for doing any of the missions, only for getting the bulldog tokens. So why do the missions? Beats me. Just drive around collecting tokens. When you do complete a mission, the game remembers your high score (most money/best time), but there's no high score table, so you don't know who got the high score or when.

The map. Areas appear on the map and are fenced off, so you keep hoping that something you do will unlock them, but I completed the game 100% and they're still blocked off. There is absolutely no reward for finishing the game - the amount complete just reaches 100%.

Passengers. The passengers and their destinations are fixed, which means every mission you can pick up the same people at the same spots and they want to go to the same place. This makes it easy, if tedious, to complete the game by picking up the same 3 people in a circular route over and over until the time or money goal is reached.

Locations. "London Victoria", like it could be any other Victoria. The House (singular) of Parliament. Apparently the authors have never been close to London.

Oh yes, reversing your car changes the view 180 degrees which makes maneuvering extremely difficult. Sometimes you crash and no amount of steering will unstick you. If you have a boost available it will move you, but if not you sit stuck for ever.

Hints. The best hint I can give you is to avoid this game.

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