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Gotta Love It

posted by BruceF (BENTONVILLE, AR) Nov 7, 2012

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Any game that has the Runaways Cherry Bomb as their main menu music is going to be OK with me. Fortunately, the game lived up to the menu music and turned out to be fun, a bit raunchy, and mercifully short. The game left you wanting one or two more good boss battles, but really by the last stage you have pretty much seen and done it all in the game. For those that felt slighted by the short game, please feel free to play through again on hardcore or whatever it is that opens up after your first completion.

Hack, slash, zombie goodness that kept me going for several gaming sessions. Hardcore button mashers could probably knock out their first play through in a long afternoon-evening session.

Anyone else catch the Howard Stern Ba ba booey reference in the farm scene?

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GF Rating

Above Average

Killing zombies was never so sparkly

posted by Overeduk8ed (GASTONIA, NC) Nov 7, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

You’re Juliet, a stereotypical high school cheerleader, except for the bedazzled chainsaw, magic powers, still-sentient decapitated head strapped to your hip and family history of dedicated zombie hunting.

The early parts of the main story reveal that a disgruntled ex-student of your high school has facilitated a connection between worlds causing a zombie outbreak. It’s up to you, and your boyfriend’s head, to end the crisis. You’re assisted by gifts and encouragement from your family via cut-scenes and telephone messages.

SUDA51’s influence is clearly stamped all over the game (read: crude, inappropriate and hilarious). This is not a game for the easily offended, as the references, entendre, and outright sexuality make it one to enjoy after the kids are in bed. But, for those that enjoyed, say, the banter with your demon head/main weapon in Shadows of the Damned, there's similar enjoyment in Juliet’s dialogue with her boyfriend-head throughout the game and family members in the cut scenes.

Flexible soundtrack options, silly but fun achievements (like one for trying to look up Juliet’s skirt) and the surreal nature of using pom-poms along with a magic chainsaw to slice up tons of zombies are really the frosting on this cupcake. And that’s what it is- not a full serving of some grand bakery concoction, but a nice few bites of a guilty pleasure flavor. Don't take it too seriously, or expect too much more, and you'll enjoy yourself in spite of all the QTEs (which aren't poorly done), the superficial combat system, and the short main story. Just let the zombie heads fly, like goth-meets-hello-kitty mini-comets with tails sparkling behind them

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GF Rating

Above Average

Zombies, boobs and Schlock

posted by Icefoxvi (LARAMIE, WY) Nov 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

To be honest, my initial impressions were not good. You start as a Japanese adolescent’s idea of what an American cheerleader looks like and apparently belongs to a family of zombie hunters. Then lo and behold, there’s a zombie outbreak. You spend the game rushing through your school’s unreasonably large campus and surrounding locations all the while with you boyfriends’ decapitated (but alive) head hanging off your buttocks.
I started off on Hard difficulty because I’m better than you and I like the challenge. However it wasn’t so much challenging as it was tedious. You could spend the day sawing through your tibia with a dull razor and it would be less work and less painful. You can bounce out of danger well enough but the chainsaw seemed about as effective at killing zombies as a fluffy pillow. Also you start out with only a single combo, if you can call ruffling a zombie’s hair and smacking his face with a chainsaw a combo.
As happens so often an experience like this causes me to change to the easiest setting and blow through it, because if I leave a game un-played I get migraines and bloody noses until I finish it. As I played through I found myself enjoying the experience quite a lot. It doesn’t take long to unlock a decent array of combos and while gameplay is clearly button-mashing territory there are rewards for more intelligent planning.
I think I enjoyed the overall atmosphere the most. The game makes good use of comic-book motif, classic tunes, and has a compelling character design. It defines Campy and if that is your thing this has plenty of it. I am no enemy of language or cheezyness, but you can have too much of a good thing though. In the same way that any scene from the Adam West Batman is awesome but when was the last time you sat through an entire episode? Still the game has its moments and can be quite entertaining.
So I guess what it comes down to is how is it? It’s alright I guess.


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