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Good idea, slightly repetitive

posted by smcain (RALEIGH, NC) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

The idea behind the game is nice and refreshing. I thought the putting the scrap pieces together was a nice idea, though with such rigidness I wasn't expecting since I loved Drawn to Life. Controls are easy to use, but the game just gets repetitive. I think if you didn't have to spend five days at each map, it wouldn't be so bad. I got to day 25 and couldn't take it anymore. I'm sure if I wasn't renting this game and owned it, I would spend more time playing it, but I'd like to get more games rented in a month. Its possible that further on into the game, it may be a little more exciting with more inventions, but as of yet, it hasn't pulled me in.

I'd recommend Drawn to Life any day though. This one wasn't as good.

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Very Good

Lock's Quest review for ds

posted by Samzilla33 (HOCKESSIN, DE) May 30, 2009

Member since May 2009

The story was big and hard to hold on to. But the game play was great. The builder was great and easy to use. You can place walls. Turrets. Gates. And traps. But it's a bit hard to put items in the right places. Do to the camera. In battle. You can tap on enemy's to attack them. Also you can use a stage killer witch hurts all enemy's. In battle and build you can repair walls and turrets. wen you attack enemy's you do a little mini game. 1 of 4. 1 you tape the buttons in order. 2 slows down enemy's and you have to turn a gear. 3 you can steal enemy's health by sliding a thing across the screen. 4 i have not unlocked. LOL lock. also there are some parts were you control a turret and half to shoot at enemy's and after every round. you can buy more health. more shots. heal your self. etc. so overall great game. 8/10. also it's really cheap. you can find a complete game for $10.50 on half. com and on the site you can get it for $17.99 keep or buy. its worth $50 buy it now

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Very Good

Fun tower defense game, but missing a few things

posted by megumegu (Lakewood, WA) Oct 22, 2008

Member since Dec 2003

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I'm only about 30 days in (the game is tracked by days), but here's my impressions so far.

Like a modern Rampart, during most sieges you alternate between a timed build and battle phase. There are 4 types of objects you can build; walls (includes gates), turrets, traps and helpers. For the 3 latter objects, you need to obtain the appropriate scrap in battles and assemble them before being able to play them. Pretty easy. Most battles you need to carefully arrange defenses to protect key people or places, though there have been some different objectives. During battle phases you balance a combination of engaging enemies directly and repairing your defenses. One other game mode I've encountered so far is similar to a lot of flash games you find online where your tower is on the right mounted w/ a gun and enemies approach from the left. A much simpler game, but can be used to help you stockpile Source, the currency for building and repairing.

Overall I'm having a lot of fun with the game, but here's what I feel the game's missing:

Camera rotation. Was Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS the only isometric view game that had a rotating camera? Why can't we have that again? This is something I find lacking in a lot of DS games. Seriously.

Better path finding. Too many times have I had Lock take the long way around when I put gates leading through the middle of my ramparts to make it easy to get from end to end.

More precise object/unit selection. This may be tied to my complaints on path finding. Sometimes Lock will choose to walk to the outside of a wall/turret to repair it, even if the inside is closer. Also, because of the fixed camera, it seems like it can be difficult to differentiate when selecting a patch of ground to move to or a wall/turret to repair.

Even with these complaints, I still rate the game highly for fun and enjoyment. If you enjoy tower defense with a little bit of storyline, you'll enjoy Lock's Quest.

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