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Lock's Quest


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Secret Room (use after you've beaten the game)

Go to the Brookwood camp, then go to the graves. One has a skull on it. Touch it with your stylus and it says something. Then, leave the camp. There should be a dot on the map with no other dots leading to it, go there. It will bring you to a cave. There is a bubble in the water, interact with it and it'll pop. There is also a source well there, interact with that after you pop the bubble. The unlit lanterns will turn on, and there will be one that didn't come on. Interact with it and the bookcases will slide apart. Go inside and there you are, the secret room. It has all the same people, but with actual names that could and probably do exist, and there is also a clone of yourself in one of the rooms. In another there are graves for ideas that didn't make it into the game, and there is a room where this weird dude is laying down the X's for the levels.