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For the "Littlest" Players

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 21, 2008

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How much is that doggy in the window? Well, in order to get that doggy in Littlest Pet Shop, you pay up in Kibble.
You start off with 365 Kibble and three pets - a bunny, a kitten, and a puppy (Aw, they're so cute). To start off, you name and accessorize them with head gear, clothes and booties (shouldn't try this in real life).
Then, your pet goes off on a train ride to a park. Once there, you take control of them.
What to do? There's outfits to put on your pets, items to buy with your Kibble and minigames to be played.
The many minigames are very different. Examples: one has your pet balancing on a rolling ball, one has you playing hide and seek with your pets, and there's one that has you jumping off a swing.
You earn Kibble by playing the games, and earn more Kibble by playing them well.
These games are simple, but I found a lot of them fun to play. There are three difficulty settings to make the game challenging to almost any kid.
What to do with the Kibble you get from the minigames? Adopt another pet, buy more gear and/or more accessories for your pet(s).
As you progress, other play areas open up (up to a total of four play areas), so you don't have to keep dozens of pets confined in one space.
But still, naming and keeping track of 40+ pets can be a chore. Also, it would be easier to use the Nunchuck to move the pets and not the Control Pad.
And this game needs the option to play the minigames multiplayer.
Still, if you're a kid (or know a kid) who loves pets and minigames, get him/her The Littlest Pet Shop.

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Very Good

Littlest Pet Shop Wii Game

posted by kjhlyons (TROY, MT) Nov 27, 2008

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My 9 year old daughter loved this game. She had a blast with it, even though it may have looked boring to me. She was very disappointed when I decided to send the game back. She loved dressing up and naming all her pets and has put it on her Christmas list. I think a lot of little girls would enjoy this game. Not real sure what boys would think of it.

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Above Average

Not young child friendly

posted by novicegmr (ROSSFORD, OH) Nov 13, 2008

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I rented the game for my kindergartner because she loves LPS. The format of the game is to read messages in your mailbox and follow the commands. I've played it myself and the basis seems to be get points to adopt more pets. Maybe once my child has mastered reading we will try this again.

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