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Little League World Series Baseball 2008


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Very Good

Bunny hops & hacks

posted by Brixyl (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Aug 21, 2008

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Rented it to keep my boys off of SCIV on my 360. They're 8 & 6 and so far it has done the job. I heard a lot of thumping coming from the upstairs and when I checked on them they were taking their hacks and bunny hopping at the same time--besides the noise that's ok. This morning, first thing they did after getting up b4 school was fire up the game. I wasn't having any of that but I guess it shows their interest. So, without (me) having actually played the game I asked them if is it better than wii sports baseball and they seemed to agree on that. They haven't asked for any help with the game so I'll give it a parent friendly rating suitable for kids who like baseball and/or hacking away.

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Above Average

Controls too Complex for "Little League"rs

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 12, 2008

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For a game that's supposed to be enjoyed by the kids, Little League World Series Baseball 2008 (LLWSB2K8 for short) has very complicated controls.
First, the pitching. You can select where in the strike zone the ball goes to and one of nine pitches by either holding the A or B button down, or hold neither down. Then, during the pitching motion you can turn the Wiimote left, right or not at all.
Each combination of the button holding (or not) and the twisting motion (or not) leads to a different pitch. Problem is, it's easy to forget which combination of button pushing and twisting leads to what pitch. This game needs a cheat sheet in the worst way.
Batting's worse; first, you have to determine if you want to swing at all at the pitch. If you do swing, then you have to determine if you swing the Wiimote in an upwards motion (for a home run type ball or fly out), a level motion (for a line drive or line out), or a downward motion (for a grounder or a ground out)
Then, you have to determine if you want to swing on time to send it center field or a split second early/late to send it into left/right field.
On top of all that, you have to determine if you want to swing the Wiimote slowly for contact or quickly for power.
I have a feeling that most players are going to bypass all this and play this game like the baseball part of WiiSports. If they do, they'll have a good time (especially with friends).
But this begs the question: why put it in the game if it's hardly used?
The Single player works well - until the playoffs. That's when the AI gets brutal. I send my best pitcher and make a variety of perfect pitches, but in four playoff games, the AI averages three runs IN THE FIRST INNING. Let's just say I went 0-4 in those games.
There are mini games, but most of them require you to learn the headache inducing controls, so I passed on them.
LLWSB2K8 is a good game to rent, but the tough AI and complex controls take it off my "buy" list.

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GF Rating


Okay at Most

posted by Tdlmacnt (HAMDEN, CT) Dec 5, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

This game was pretty dissapointing. I didn't like how hard it was to hit. Other than that the game was "okay". It wasn't spectacular though. I expected a lot more of it.

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