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Aspires to be Pikmin; Not quite there

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Aug 12, 2012

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In Little King's Story, you control a king who starts with just a few citizens and must expand to conquer the world. You do this by collecting a party of citizens around you (of various classes like grunts who are good at combat, farmers who can dig holes, lumberjacks who can remove stumps, etc.) and ordering these citizens to fight monsters, clear your path of obstacles, uncover treasures that you use to upgrade your kingdom, and ultimately defeat rival kings. The interface is very much in the style of Pikmin, but with a much wider variety of character classes. As an avid Pikmin lover, I was excited to see a copycat, especially one that tries to combine Pikmin with RPG and city-building elements, but unfortunately this game is not an improvement over the classic. Although decent, it is hampered by mediocre controls, poor tutorials, confusing quests, and interface issues.

-A cute style of art, unique choice of music, and a quirky sense of humor give this game a lovable feel
-Games like Pikmin are few and far between. Beggars can't be choosers.
-The ending to the game is kind of cheesy, but was cute.

-I had many issues during the game where I just plain didn't understand what I was supposed to do. I got stuck several times because I was confused, or I missed reading a sign, or I didn't notice some small innocuous object or path. This can be very frustrating. It reminds me of the old days of Zork or King's Quest where you can get stuck because of something completely trivial, not because the game is challenging.
-The controls are sub-par. Some buttons are overused while others do nothing. This can make some basic actions are very tough to do.
-The city-building element of the game is virtually non-existent. You have no control over how your kingdom is built, and you run out of things to build after a while.

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Difficulty damages gameplay

posted by palumatzu (SAN ANTONIO, TX) May 23, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

In this game, you are expected to parade a group o workers through the land, removing obstacles, collecting treasures and trash alike, defeating various kings to get to the top. The catch? Getting to the kings. The difficulty on some of the bosses was so high, i had trouble just getting to them. Like in Dark Souls and Demon Souls, you had to know precisely what to do when, but even then, the high-paced attacks and traps were too much. I was overall displeased with the difficulty.

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Not bad at all

posted by Kiba3D (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Feb 26, 2012

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Gameplay: 8/10- other than the camera and your followers, it's not that bad you will have once you start to get money and tacke over a few teratoories you get tons of upgrades
Graphics: 9/10- the paint graphic is nice give it that beautiful feel gland the glair and stff just make the game georgus
Story: 5/10- not really a story but a plot to run the world -_- sounds a bit... Eveilish
Audio: 7/10 this game is full of classical Beethoven, and harmony
Boss battles: 10/10 they are very challenging and awesome

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