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PS3 gets wii-fied

posted by tornadog (BATON ROUGE, LA) Nov 2, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

After all the hardcore gamer games, the PS3 finally gets a family oriented AAA title that is cute, fun and enjoyable. Sadly, this game is for people with plenty of time on their hands or for fans of the old platformer genre. The game has the same creative elements like Spore, Sims and the Tycoon games. Already people have invested a fair bit of time in creating some interesting levels. Ultimately the success of this game rests in the ability of the community to generate fresh content. And the tools provided are very user friendly. Heres to hoping this game succeeds!!!

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Little awesome planet!

posted by ravensnake (WEST HARTFORD, CT) Nov 2, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

Hey long time since i reviewed a game but here goes nothing. ok so we have heard Sony talk about this game since ever and now does it stand to be Sony's best or worst game ever? well to start off it is a very good game it has its own personality which is rare in games these days it takes basic rules of mario and gives it more depth and layers of originality. the modes are simple the one mode worth noting is the stage creator it basically allows u to do anything u want in the stage and share them online it is worth playing around with. the controls are a bit iffy as since u are going in 3 dimensions with in a 2 dimension world it gets a bit clustered on the controller and u might go places u didnt want to. the controls could have been better but it doesnt ruin the game entirely. graphics ok what can i say they are amazing! if someone disagrees and says little big planet's graphics suck they r obviously fanboys the graphics are amazing and yes there is a installation required but it is short by the time it is over u will already forget that there was a installation required. bottom line why r u renting this game BUY IT.

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Best Little Big Exclusive PS3 has to offer

posted by kmtburton (LEXINGTON, KY) Nov 1, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

Ive played alot of great games in the past few months and was in the middle of Far Cry 2 when i finally was able to pick up LittleBigPlanet(on the 25th that is) and i havnt touched any other game since i knew the that the level editor was going to be great and i would spend hours making my own levels but i didnt know that the story levels would be just as amazing anything that i had planned and most even better when you first start playing the story youll probly think that its not that good but once you get to the savannah your mind will start to change and by the end youll be amazed that almost everything was made in the same way you can make levels and making stickers and customizing your character is always available to you the game is well worth 60 bucks so i say go buy it now and make some cool levels NOW !!!!

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