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Play-Create-Share-Love it!

posted by Mullinsmcd (CHARLOTTE, NC) Nov 3, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

I think that in this console generation, LBP represents one of the first "next gen" gaming experiences. Probably everyone is familiar with the concept. This is the first high end, online enabled game that lets you build and share your own creations online. The game itself ships with 40-50 premade levels, but the available online content is accessable very early in the game. This allows for almost unlimited creativity to be poured into the architecture and feeling of each level. There is no other game that I have been so excited everyday to play, because you know that there will be new levels to experience and enjoy.

This is definitely a start to something really amazing within the gaming space. Soon I would expect you to be able to create not only creatures and levels, but Mario-esque powerups such as fireflowers, level continuity between stages, and addition of your own music and verbal dialogue. Right now the overtone of the game is very lighthearted and simple, but I would imagine that within this game or in future games like this you should be able to create a serious title with a sense of fighting as or against a real enemy.

Overall, I would say that the future is bright! If you have a PS3, buy this game. If not now, then wait until it hits $40 or so, and the people playing this game have mastered the level design interface. This game is a bargain at $60, but if you are unsure about the premise and if you will enjoy it, just wait about 6 months and you will have thousands of great levels waiting for you to play.

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i havent had this much fun since....

posted by MrMunk (KENDALLVILLE, IN) Nov 2, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

Katamari Damacy.
i find a similar quirkiness in comparison of LBP and Katamari and the music.
this game is hours upon hours of creative and silly fun. its a very personalized game, you basically create (and re-create anytime you want) your own character to run through the levels finding bubbles which house more tools to add to your creating process. the story mode seems to be alot of help, giving you hints and ideas on the complexities of the types of interactive levels you can create yourself by having you do certain tasks in order to progress.
honestly, the game itself isnt much more then a side scrolling 3D platformer with realistic looking graphics and physics. what separates this from your typical side scroller if the inclusion of 3 of your friends all bumbling around the levels trying to cooperate in order to reach the multiple player required areas.
another thing that sets it apart from nearly any game ive ever played is the creation process. just the little bit ive dabbled in creating a level, ive realized its limited only to your imagination and could occupy the larger half of the rest of your life. i probably could go on and on and talk so much more about all the fun that can be had about this game, but i really need to get back in there and play some more....

Rent, Play, Buy....

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PS3 gets wii-fied

posted by tornadog (BATON ROUGE, LA) Nov 2, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

After all the hardcore gamer games, the PS3 finally gets a family oriented AAA title that is cute, fun and enjoyable. Sadly, this game is for people with plenty of time on their hands or for fans of the old platformer genre. The game has the same creative elements like Spore, Sims and the Tycoon games. Already people have invested a fair bit of time in creating some interesting levels. Ultimately the success of this game rests in the ability of the community to generate fresh content. And the tools provided are very user friendly. Heres to hoping this game succeeds!!!

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