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posted by MadScorpion17 (MADERA, CA) Dec 12, 2014

Member since Dec 2014

This game reminds me back when I used to play Mario cart on my Nintendo 64. Its even better that you could make your own cart & character.

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Very Good

jeramy reviews little big planet karting

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Sep 14, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

the popularity of this series may seem overated to some but the creativity itch some of us have really what makes this game spark the game is a racer spinoff of the popular little big planet series like mariocart iam saying mariokart cause thats at its core its predessor. the game the story overall isnt why you play this game its the multplayer and its online play which do the creativity itch the community is well earned which that was the core aspect they made this series cool is the i call it minecraft syndrome.Which means your given a toy box full of tools items etc which some you can earn both in story and online and you can build and create your own race tracks which may seem kinda boring for a normal racer but in big planet the ideas and concepts are endless graphics stick true to games past artwork it hasnt changed and i hope it doesnt it really makes this series stand out this the game you would get your family to play with you its alot of fun and reminded on why i loved mariokart as a kid and this isnt mariokart. Gameplay again copys the play dirty get a gun rocket fire it at your fellow racers to slow them down the controls take some time to get used to and the ai sometimes isnt great which this is the games only fault overall i would gave karting a rental at the last i doubt you will not play it out after you collected everything but i would atleast get for when you have friends over and you want to have a good time. overall i give this game a B-"

overall grade B-
+ stands out isnt a wasted attempt at mariokart nor nintendo
+ community is where the true experince is with this series not the story
+ online play
-poor AI
- controls take time to master mostly while on the track when you need to grapple onto something to swing cross a valley or whatever

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GF Rating

Very Good

just like mario but sac peeps

posted by ksambad (SANTA ROSA, CA) Aug 23, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

this game is fun and i love the customization cars and characters, very fun. only thing its lacking is more levels, story, and how about an online mutiplayer????

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