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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


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Really Bad

very sneaky

posted by luke723 (SALEM, NH) Apr 14, 2014

Member since Feb 2008

Maybe it's my bias hating this game because on the surface it should be a pretty good game I guess. The problem is calling it a RPG is like calling Kim Kardasian a superstar and putting into the same namesake as a very specific type of experience people have come to expect is like showing up to a blind date and having it turn out to be your sister, sure it's a chic but WTH???? If this game out as as brand new series with no labels attached maybe I honestly wouldn't hate like i do, but trying to sneak it past brain functioning people as something that justifies the impact that the words Final Fantasy in it's title carry, y'all straight tripping.

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GF Rating


Flip Flop

posted by nfinit (HOUSTON, TX) Apr 13, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

In the beginning it was fun, the first time I played through the story it was fun. A couple of new features showed up but by then Lightning was annoying. Third time through the story and I hated Lightning and wished Snow was the main character for many reasons: The motive would have been fixed, relate-ability would have been fixed, cosmetic annoyances would have been fixed..... In the end, I'm sooooo glad I didn't buy the game because it's simply not fun enough to overshadow the annoyingly dry story. The story was awesome until they explained everything. Very disappointing for me personally, strange overall message.

Basically, Fun to play for a week, after that I realized I wasn't having fun anymore and could have gotten rid of it sooner. I give it a 7 because everything in the game LOOKS and feels excellent. They took their time with everything, including the story so maybe you'll like the story. For me it just doesn't outweigh it's negative side enough for me to buy it for life. I wanted to like it more because of how high the quality is, but quality isn't everything in a game.

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GF Rating


A good finale

posted by Lupinite (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Apr 10, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

I've played the other two games and while the story's were good the combat system, atleast in my eye's, was ridiculous. Lightning Returns fixes that, and the story is very good. It may be because I forgot certain things but I came across quite a few surprises. The outfits took a bad hit in reviews but they were tasteful up to a point. A few were very much fan service, but the weapons and shields made up for it. There is no leveling system, instead your attributes go up as you complete quest's of any kind. And don't worry about selling gear or anything by the end game I put serious thought into trying to find a pool and swimming in my all my gil.

Its a great finale to an adequate series, Lightning has some character development. Questions that plagued everyone through the series get answered and we share some touching reunions with previous game characters.

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