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An Honest Review

posted by PayneFamily (SUNBRIGHT, TN) Mar 23, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

Despite what Game Informer and Users on Gamefly state, this game is actually a great ending to a beautiful series.

Lightning Returns begins at the End of the World, plagued in Chaos. The people who live here no longer age. However, they can still die from accidents, disease, natural causes, and so forth. Immortality, with a sick twist. Lightning, now a Servant of God, is sent to rescue the souls of the people left alive so they can pass onto the next life where God will be forging a new world for them.

The Focus of the game is to rescue five heavily burdened souls scattered across the game area. Four locations, five souls. And then, on the Thirteenth day, the game will end with a final choice and show down. no spoilers.

The Game has a clock system. Thirteen Days to save the world. Each Day begins at 6 AM and ends at 6 AM the following day. Though many complain that they feel rushed on time, the player gains an ability fairly early that allows them to freeze the flow of time. People still move and the game acts normal, just the clock stops.

Here is where people feel a sudden looming doom of rushed. You are given only five days when you start. Five days until the worlds end. Lightning has to save souls of people (side missions) around the four regions. Some are easy. Some are tedious. But, if you pay attention to what monsters drop, grab ever chest you can, you will fly through the game.

In the end, I rate this game a full 10 out of 10. If you paid attention to the first and second games, you will understand everything going on and will have no confusion. I do recommend playing through the games if you are having trouble remembering things. The world is utter beautiful and you do have enough time explore every bit of it, do all the side missions, and main missions in the thirteen days. The ending has a nice tie into our own world that Final Fantasy has never done. It wrapped everything nicely with a pretty bow and ended on a beautiful note. Hope I helpe

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GF Rating



posted by Isalon (SOUTH PORTLAND, ME) Mar 5, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I'm going to be brutally honest: This game is a trainwreck and should be taken out back and shot.

1. I don't enjoy playing a game where I have to rush and beat the clock. I've got enough stress in my life and I don't need a video game adding to it by rushing me through. The game clock was the dumbest idea since Breath of Fire. Speaking of which...

2. Square Enix, do you not review the games of your peers? Capcom tried this system with their NOW DEAD Breath of Fire series. Gamers HATED IT and the series died. Are you trying to do that for Final Fantasy?

3. The clock countdown is further enraging by the fact that side-quests are peppered everywhere, but not all at the same time. You see, in order to get/complete Sidequest A, you have to go to XYZ location, at ABC time. It's a BORING MESS.

4. Combat is worthless. Unless you're fighting for sidequest-related items, there's almost no reason to fight enemies because there's no level-up system.

5. Items are ridiculous. I can wear a pair of earrings that give me 40 strength, yet a cosmetic hat gives no bonus? If I wanted to play dress-up (IE, garbs) I'd buy barbie dolls.

6. This game is tedious at best and a trainwreck at worst. I was excited to get my hands on it and I was let down within the first hour.

7. I enjoy RPG's but every 5 minutes I don't need a monologue from a sidequest character on who they are, what their problem is, and how I can help them - only to realize I just lost 15 minutes of game time (which is A LOT) listening to their story.

8. Square Enix, you're a dying company. Get your gear together, FIRE EVERYBODY in your staff - and I do mean EVERYBODY - and try and get the staff who made FF3 (6 Japan) or FF7 back together.

In short, stop trying new stuff that doesn't work! Listen to your gamers, we're telling you what we want and this isn't it! Stick to what you do best and stop trying to be everything to everyone. There's a reason you were insanely successful with the NES/SNES/PS1

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Really Bad

Square Enix Misses the Mark...Again.

posted by Inktomi (MERRICK, NY) Feb 19, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

6 out of 13 gamers (46%) found this review helpful

Boring Lightning Barbie Waifu Dress-up Simulator.

Why I hate this game.

1) This is a cliched, convoluted and boring story.

2) A timed game forcing you to rush through and not enjoy one of the more open worlds offered of the three series.

3) Offers an action combat system is button mashing switching back and forth while the infernal bonk,bonk,bonk shrieks at you.

4) Tons of spells but no healing spells offered? Maybe I didn't play through long enough, but my eyes were bleeding.

5) All NPC's are now World of Warcraft characters? Where is Mankriks wife? Fetch quests and killing ten rats...been there, done that.

6) And Lightning looked out of proportion with her peglegs. Didn't even look right in all these weird outfits you had to play Barbie with. If I am forced to play Barbie, let the woman look like a woman please.

Do yourself a favor, pass on the whole Fabula Nova Crystallis series and wait for the remake of FFX and FFX-2 (the original FF barbie dress up game.) These two go back to the heyday of the franchise and offers tons more depth.

And where were the summons?

I am a FF collector and have many games in the series. One day I know I will be forced to buy this one, but it will be at a deep, deep discount out of the discount bin.

Exactly where I found FFXIII and FFXIII-2.

If FFXV doesn't absolutely blow my doors off I am going to turn my back on the whole franchise altogether.

TL;DR: Get a chance, miss it.

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